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Scott King
Director of Education
Scott King
Elliott Bay
Owner, President
Elliott Bay
Daniel West
Senior Instructor
Daniel West
Dylan Brunning
Senior Instructor / Customer Service and Sales

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There are approximately 48 instructors during our weekly school season programming classes and approximately 33 instructors during our summer coding camps delivering RPK’s curriculum to over 1000 students per year in 8 cities in Ontario.

Generally, RP4K looks for people who are under grads or grads in Ontario Computer Science, Engineering or Game Design programs. These people are usually in their early to late twenties.

Staff moral is high! Many RP4K instructors report that teaching for RP4K was their best job while working on their University degree! They derive joy from teaching game programming to children and teens!

Scott King B.Sc. (Honours Math University of Waterloo) B.Ed. (Queen’s) is RP4K’s director of education. He is in charge of screening, interviewing and testing potential RP4K instructors. Scott has been in charge of RP4K staffing since 2009.

Scott looks for instructor candidates who have special experience dealing with kids and simultaneously possess computer programming skills. This means that a candidate who has worked as a math tutor, martial arts instructor or baseball coach and is an under grad in computer science or engineering might be a great RP4K instructor.

It’s more important to find candidates who are great with kids than great at programming, but it is still important that teacher candidates are knowledgeable in programming. Dealing with kids comes first and knowledge of programming comes second, at RP4K.

All of us who have gone through University have had to put up with professors who are knowledgeable with their field but poor at teaching. We have looked at the university system and have decided that this is something to avoid.

Some RP4K instructors were actually past RP4K students, who are now in University Computer Science programs.

To screen instructors Scott tests them during interview to see how they would handle different classroom scenarios. He also makes teaching candidates pass a computer science test.

All instructors must submit a vulnerable sector police record check to RP4K.

Once hired, Scott trains RP4K instructors in classroom management and teaching. We provide paid training to RP4K staff. Scott King also provides hands on support to any RP4K class that requires such support

All RP4K instructors are provided with RP4K’s proprietary curriculum. This proven curriculum has evolved over 20 years. That is, RP4K’s curriculum was initiated in 1996 and is thousands of pages in content. It continues to be augmented, edited and fine tuned to this day.

RP4K instructors are trained in learning and teaching RP4K’s proprietary curriculum.