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We use the same game development platforms as the Pros who work in the industry. To download a resource, simply click on the image to download the corresponding installation package.

Hardware and Software Requirements

Please see our Hardware/Software Requirements document for specific course requirements.
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Processing Logo 3.5.4

Processing 3.5.4

This Open-Source program is utilized by the teaching departments of multiple Canadian institutions.

Note: Install Version 3.5.4


Introductory Scratch courses are available for students still developing their computing skills.

PYTHON with PyCharm and the PyGame Library

For the Python course, download and install Python 3.5, Pygame 1.9 and PyCharm Community Edition.

Note: Install the Community Edition

JAVA with Intellij

Challenge yourself in our intermediate and advanced JAVA courses using the Intellij IDE.

Note: Install the Community Edition


For the Android courses, download Android Studio

Note: Install the Community Edition

Visual Studio 2019 Community Edition (C# .NET, C# Unity, C++)

Use an industry standard tool for our intermediate, advanced, and elite courses.

Note: Install the Community Edition


For the Unity course, download the Personal Version to get started.

Note: Unity also uses Visual Studio
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