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    Help your child learn the fundamentals of computer science and reveal the secrets of video game design today. It all starts when you call to schedule a free assessment class at one of our locations.

    During the class, one of our top instructors will give your child a window into the problem solving and math involved, all while working on a real video game. It’s a blast!

    The class allows students and parents to learn more about us. It also allows our instructors learn about your child. After the class, we’ll send you a report recommending the most suitable course for your child.

    Here's why we're considered the best in the biz:


    Our computer classes have a maximum of 4 students per instructor. We offer personalized care and instruction that is second to none. No student minimums in any class we offer - if you register your child for a programming class, it will run.


    We operate summer computer programming camps and weekly school season classes which means the learning and the fun never stop! Inquire about our next session and book a free trial class for your child any time of year!


    We've been offering programming courses since 1999 throughout Canada. There's nobody in the industry that boasts a track record as long and successful as ours. Read the testimonial below to see the kind of impact we've had on our students!

    real programming

    I was a student of RP4K in the 90s. I'm 30 years old now with a life based around programming. I continued to build video games independently for years after RP4K and even successfully sold a few.

    Most recently, I left my role in a Senior Engineering position at Microsoft's to pursue various startups including a video game startup. I’ve been thinking about RP4K lately and how much it changed my life. I’m mostly just feeling some nostalgia and a lot of gratitude and wanting to thank you guys for the opportunities you provided me.

    Kenn Sippell

    Senior Software Design at



    Each RP4K "Guru" is a post-secondary student, specializing in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. Our gurus are able to give students the inside track on what to expect as a programmer in high school and beyond.


    Without math, video games wouldn’t exist. Each course is like a hidden math lesson. All of our courses apply math from simple counting of integers right up to 3D vectors and trigonometry. Who knew math could be this fun?


    Teachers often say it's tough to compete with video games. So we don't. We use them to a student's advantage. But let's face it, when you're a kid you just want to have a good time! Our classes are informal and relaxed, but most of all, FUN!

    real programming

    Thank you again for five years of great Game Programming courses, amazing students and cool instructors. These last five years have been outstanding Computer Programming learning experiences for my son Brendan.

    I highly recommend Real Programming 4 Kids to other parents, who want to channel their child or teen’s current interest in Video Games into a marketable skill in today’s world of high tech and a large Video Game industry.

    Robert Herjavec

    CBC Dragons' Den & Shark Tank ABC



    We're thrilled to see so many fun video game design camps being offered these days. However, most camps use drag-and-drop game making software, requiring minimal programming knowledge. We only teach REAL programming - just like the pros!


    Learn video game industry standard programming languages such as Visual Basic, Python, Java, C#, C++ and Unity. We’re proud to offer a challenging learning environment for all skill levels, with all the fun of video games!


    We offer a FREE Trial Class so you can check out what we're all about and gauge your level of interest. Even better, we can find the right fit for your child to help ensure their success. Finding the right class for your child is our #1 priority.

    real programming

    … this was absolutely one of the most unique programs (our children) have ever participated in. Our twin girls began grade 10 programming this year at school and I believe your program helped them with the course in several ways, both technically as well as giving them the confidence that they could learn the language, apply logic to create code and routines that actually work.

    I also appreciate how you helped us select the proper course level for our family. The assessment and our conversations were extremely helpful and I am confident that this contributed to the success of the overall experience. Thank you for the great learning experience. I highly recommend your program.

    Cole Dolny