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Terms and Policies

Please go over these details with your child

The following policies are put into place to maintain high-quality classes:

    1. Customers must have adequate computer equipment to participate including a working Mac or Windows Machine with an Operating System compatible with applications suitable for programming.  Some courses are Windows-Only by design.
    2. Students MUST have a working microphone to communicate with, a video camera is HIGHLY recommended Audio and Visual Feedback is absolutely crucial to assessing learning.  Students will use Zoom to connect with RP4K instructors in our online classrooms.
    3. Students do not require their own license.  RP4K will send you an email with a link to the recurring live session, please bookmark this Zoom link!  
    4. All live sessions are recorded by the instructor for quality assurance, to make video lessons available to students using our Canvas Learning Management System, and more.  RP4K will contact you directly to request permission to feature your children in our marketing
    5. Students will be invited to our Canvas Platform for Course Resources on the first day of classes.  Students will need to manage their own email and password account!  Here is the link to bookmark for later:
    6. Parents are expected to inform RP4K of factors like previous programming experience or special needs that could affect their classroom experience.  RP4K is committed to meeting the needs of your child and putting them in the best position possible to succeed.
    7. Students are expected to arrive 5 minutes early to class with their programs OPEN. It is the parents responsibility to ensure the student is on time to their class, and supervised by an adult as required by their age.  Students who present behavior issues in our live sessions will be warned, and then removed from the program. Students who arrive late my not be admitted to class, and will be expected to organize their own catch-up.
    8. Our Catch-Up Class Policy:
      1. There are only limited Catch-Up classes available for our weekly program.  There are no Catch-Up classes for Summer Camps. Please use the class recordings as the primary means of catching up.
      2. Parents are responsible for organizing a schedule for their child with RP4K staff upon booking.
      3. Our weekly classes take place on the same day and time each week, catch-ups for unannounced absences will not be provided!
      4. RP4K Recommends a daytimer, alarm or google calendar to ensure your child doesn't miss his or her class.  Please use the noted holiday dates on our calendar at: RP4K Calendar Link
      5. Parents must provide a minimum 24 hour notice if a class must be missed. We will schedule a Make-Up Class for the student ONLY if required.  We cannot provide refund for missed classes.
      6. A catch-up class is 30 minutes and we aim for a 1-on-1 session.  We allow for up to two catch-up classes per course – for no extra fee.  If you schedule catch up classes beyond this allotment there are additional fees of $25 per 30-minutes.
    9. We do not provide supervision for students before & after class times.  Parents are responsible for their children outside the class times.  It is recommended students connect early to their class to ensure everything is working.
    10. Parents cannot interfere with the teaching if they choose to observe the class.  Parents should avoid doing any work for their children, as the entire course is a challenge for them.  Please do not interrupt the ongoing class, reach out to our Head Office or Director of Operations regarding classroom issues.
    11. Our students must be on their best behavior almost all the time, however should your child cause unnecessary disruptions during a class, we will call home to notify the parent.  No foul language, intimidation of other students, interference with other students or abuse of the online classroom will be tolerated, this includes disrupting the instructor unnecessarily, sharing inappropriate content.  Real Programming 4 Kids reserves the right to remove a student from a course for unacceptable behavior without refund.  
    12. We cannot guarantee completion of the course project over the length of our program.  The pace of the class is dependent on the students, and we will assess the students success based on a myriad of factors, taking completion into account.  Our instructors assess each student differently, and will recommend the next appropriate course for your child.  Sign-in to our Report Card Login Portal to view any assessments your child has received:
    13. There is a $25. fee for NSF cheques.  Late payment charges of 2% monthly will be applied on overdue balances.
    14. RP4K Contacts:
      1. Head Office: 416-469-9676 Toll-Free: 1-877-307-3456
      2. Technical Support: 647-620-7745 Toll-Free: 1-866-949-7745
    15. Refund Policies: 
      1. You must notify Real Programming 4 Kids if you are withdrawing your child from classes.
      2. Full amount is refundable until 45 days before the class start date.  A $45 administrative fee applies.
      3. Balance only is refundable until 14 days before the class start date.  A $45 administrative fee also applies.
      4. RP4K Quality Assurance Guarantee: If after trying out the first two days of an RP4K class, you wish to withdraw your child, a full refund will be provided if he or she is withdrawn before the third day of the class.
      5. If you withdraw before the end of the season your refund will be calculated as the number of remaining weeks minus a withdrawal fee equal to the cost of 6 classes.  A $45 administrative fee also applies.
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