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Join a team of professionals and a rewarding career teaching kids how to program.

RP4K Needs You

Real Programming 4 Kids is actively hiring Programming Instructors for it’s 8 locations across Ontario, as well as for Office Sales and Service staff at it’s High Park office.


Real Programming 4 Kids offers the opportunity for young, aspiring developers to improve their coding skills in various programming languages while gaining meaningful communication skills working with students!

Motivated developers are tasked with teaching computer science topics to students ages 7-17 in small class sizes, no more than 4 students to 1 instructor! Courses consist of building a video game using real-world programming languages!

Real Programming 4 Kids is always seeking the next aspiring Game Developer. Could it be you?

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Instructors are the type who…

  • Get a thrill out of teaching and helping kids achieve their goals.
  • Inspire kids with positive energy and a super hero’s work ethic.
  • Love tackling new problems and don’t back down from tough challenges.
  • Are extremely outgoing and well spoken.
  • Are incredibly reliable, dedicated, and punctual.

What Do I need to be an Instructor?

  • We look for a bright, outgoing, charismatic person who would make a great teacher. The type of person that naturally goes the extra mile to help kids understand.
  • You need to know how to program. A typical instructor is a Post-Secondary student in Computer Science or Engineering, although we always welcome graduates.
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How often would I work as an Instructor?

  • Summer instructors work full time from late June until mid August.
  • School season instructors work one or two weeknights and Saturday each week.
  • Summer camps make a great Coop placement!

How to Apply

Apply by Email! Send us a cover letter and resume with the subject title “Instructor Application from your name here” to:

Check out our testimonial page for former instructor reviews!

Office Sales Assistant

Real Programming 4 Kids is also recruiting staff for their High Park office, complete with 2 office cats! Part time hours are available during the weekdays and evenings for interested candidates!

Currently recruiting a part-time office sales assistant for the following availability:

Monday, Tuesday Evenings and Saturday afternoons
Approximately 12-16 hours per week
Additional hours available after 3 months

Job Description:

  • Primary duties involving communication via email and phone to promote our video game programming classes, scheduling using spreadsheet software, and data entry using Microsoft Access Database Software.
  • Phone communication is limited to inbound calls and outbound warm calls to previous or current customers, no cold calling!
  • Secondary duties include contacting and notifying instructors of schedule changes, occasional marketing tasks, gathering feedback from customers, and additional duties as may be required.
  • Sales and systems training will be provided however candidates must be fluent using everyday business computer software, including excel, word, etc.
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  • Currently enrolled in or graduated from a post-secondary program related to communications, marketing, business or other relevant fields, or comparable work experience.
  • Strong oral and electronic communication skills, demonstrate responsibility and independence, are self-motivated and a life-long learner.
  • Fast note-taking skills and ability to multitask, time management is key!

Please Provide:

  • A cover letter describing why you are a great fit for the position
  • An updated resume
  • At least 2 references
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How to Apply

Apply by Email! Send us a cover letter and resume with the subject title “Office Application from your name here” to:
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