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Registering for Real Programming 4 Kid’s Camps or Classes

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Important: In order to place your child in the proper course with the appropriately aged and experienced group of students, RP4K does not use an automated online registration process. The extra time and effort registering your child in the right course and the right small group (of 1 to 4 students) pays off with a higher quality fun and educational experience.

To schedule a free trial class, camp or weekly class call us at 416-469-9676 or 1-877-307-3456 or send us an email. Alternatively, submit the form at the bottom of this page.

Registration Process


Free Trial Class

Parents of new students call or email for a Free 45 minute trial and assessment class.

Post Free Trial Class

Once you have received your assessment from the free trial class (the assessment tells you which course your child or teen is best suited for) you can call or email us to register for a summer camp or weekly class.

Returning Students

Parents of returning students can skip the previous two steps, and should simply call or email us to determine the available weeks (summer) or days (school season) and times and reserve space for camps or classes.


You should arrange payment by cheque or by credit card over the phone. DO NOT bring payment to the classes. Payment must be arranged over the phone or by email to the head office. (RP4K accepts Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, E-transfer, cheques and can provide a link for automated online payment.)

Register Today

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