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Coding for kids sounds a lot more intimidating than it really is, and you can see that for yourself with our recorded classes. At Real Programming For Kids, we record all of our coding classes for kids so that you and your child can see how our classes work and know what to expect. Get your kids excited about coding.

Developing Python Galacticat Course

Instructor: Tiger Wu

RP4K presents instructor Tiger Wu covering our Developing Python Galacticat course. Students are reviewing if-else logical statements and learning about the coded keys they can use. This particular part of the game is key to setting up movement and interaction, and it is imperative students practice this throughout the lessons by adding additional key-pressed logic.

Developing Java Polar Peril Course

Instructor: Justin Estaris

RP4K presents Developing Java Polar Peril, led by instructor Justin Estaris. In this video, Justin is explaining the use of if-statements in the draw() function. Just before the video begins, the students surrounded the existing drawing code with this one if-statement: Only draw if LeftSpeed == 1. Justin asks the students why this is happening, with one student suggesting an answer.

Elite C# Unity Endless Runner Course

Instructor: Alex Strain

RP4K Instructor Alex Strain leads his group of 3 students through a lesson on instantaneous and angular velocity. This is an except from a 2 hour lesson in which our instructor explains, demonstrates, and helps students independently implement their own understanding of these mathematic principles into their game.

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