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Are you looking for an activity for your child that’s educational, that can prepare them for real-world jobs, and that they’ll absolutely loveProgramming courses could be the perfect supplement to your child’s education!  When you send them to coding classes at RP4K, they’ll be receiving instruction from highly-trained professionals at one of Canada’s premiere coding schools.

Learning to code could be one of the best activities your child ever engages in.

Our Programming Courses

We run courses in a number of majors centers across Ontario. Click one of our courses below for more information:

Introductory – Computer Programming Courses

While developing a 3D Magic Show they learn programming concepts such as camera manipulation, comments and proper coding techniques, loops, objects and methods.

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Beginner – Visual Basic Game Programming For Kids

Our beginner programmers will have a blast learning computer science fundamentals with these fun and engaging game projects.

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Developing – Visual Basic Game Programming For Kids

A challenging step up from the beginner level designed for the older first time programmer, or a beginner graduate ready to learn the secrets behind two entertaining RP4K games.

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Intermediate – Python, Java, JavaScript, C# Game Programming for Kids

Students become fluent in the Python, Java and C# languages while applying trigonometry, random numbers and hone important skills with vector mathematics and 2D physics.

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Advanced – C#, C++, Java Game Programming for Kids

Students learn advanced trigonometry, geometry, pitch/yaw/roll and the beginnings of 3D programming in the Advanced Haunted Harbour (C++) or Advanced RP4K Custom Mod for Minecraft in Java.

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Elite – C#, C++, Unity Game Programming courses for Kids

The Elite Endless Runner UNITY course for our most experienced programmers teaches students about 3D models, textures, materials coordinate systems, linear interpolation, rotations, and vectors.

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Programming Classes at RP4K Can Help Your Child Excel!

Turn Procrastination into Professional Skills

Most kids love video games... Unfortunately, most of the time, they're playing games instead of doing things that could help their educational or professional development. But it doesn't have to be that way! You can take your child's love of gaming and use it to introduce them to a real-world skill set that could have them prepared for employment straight out of school.

Programming is and will continue to be one of the single most important - and fastest-growing - careers of the 21st Century. Whether your child decides to make video games, program business apps, or train the next generation of AI, this is a field with endless room for creative workers who can excel.

Boost Their Learning

Programming is about more than just "making computers do things." Coding is pure brain fuel. It teaches both linear and nonlinear thinking, encouraging creative problem solving but within a structured environment. Plus, programming is a team effort. Learning to code at a modern school means learning collaboration skills as well - and those are skills which will serve your child well no matter what the future holds.

Even if coding isn't for them, a background in computer science is also great preparation for just about any STEM-related field!

At Real Programming for Kids (RP4K) Your Child Will Have Fun While Learning Highly Important Skills

We welcome students between the ages of 7 and 17 and offer a range of classes from introductions to advanced professional-level coding. Any child, at any age, can reap the benefits of programming courses - so contact RP4K today to learn more, or sign up for a free class!

"The program presented by RP4K is effective due to interesting projects (the games line up with what most kids like), small classes and excellent instructors."

We have two kids who have been on regular enrollment at R4PK for a few years now, so I think we are in a position to judge the effectiveness of the program. My twelve-year-old son is a strong programmer by now after moving through various languages (VB, C#, C++, Java) and has built enough of […]

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Daniel DuPlessis

RP4K changed my life

I was a student of Real Programming 4 Kids when I was growing up in Winnipeg, Manitoba in the 90s. I'm 30 years old now with a life based around programming.

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Kenn Sippell
a former RP4K student

I want to congratulate you on receiving the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Award

I want to congratulate you on receiving the Richmond Hill Chamber of Commerce Business Achievement Award. It was a wonderful evening of celebration of business in Richmond Hill.

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Dave Barrow
Mayor of Richmond Hill

Gabriel had an awesome time and learned so much!

Dear Elliott: Thank you so much for the programs that you offer at RP4K. Gabriel had an awesome time and learned so much! You have excellent instructors. Joseph, Anthony and Zach are very professional and impressive knowledge. Gabriel liked them all, but loved Zach’s teaching methodology! Thank you 🙂

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Lillian Insley
An RP4K Parent

Chris has greatly benefited from RP4K!

I am happy that all the hard work is paying off. You know that you can always use us as a reference! Chris has greatly benefited from RP4K! he is at UW and WLU in a double degree 5 yr Co-op.

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Edit Lomond
An RP4K parent