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We run courses in a number of majors centers across Ontario. Click one of our courses below for more information:


While developing a 3D Magic Show they learn programming concepts such as camera manipulation, comments and proper coding techniques, loops, objects and methods.

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Our beginner programmers will have a blast learning computer science fundamentals with these fun and engaging game projects.

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A challenging step up from the beginner level designed for the older first time programmer, or a beginner graduate ready to learn the secrets behind two entertaining RP4K games.

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Students become fluent in the Python, Java and C# languages while applying trigonometry, random numbers and hone important skills with vector mathematics and 2D physics.

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Students learn advanced trigonometry, geometry, pitch/yaw/roll and the beginnings of 3D programming in the Advanced Haunted Harbour (C++) or Advanced RP4K Custom Mod for Minecraft in Java.

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The Elite Endless Runner UNITY course for our most experienced programmers teaches students about 3D models, textures, materials coordinate systems, linear interpolation, rotations, and vectors.

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It is rare to find a “gem” like RP4K

I am providing you with this letter as a form of testimonial, and I should say at the outset that it was unsolicited and came about on my own initiative after I received one of your emails with current registration attachments and contacted you to inform you that my children were now no longer able to enroll again

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John Lamont

First overall in the Canadian Computing Competition

It was about 8 years ago that my son, Jacob Jackson, did a couple of your camps at Branksome Hall and I just wanted to thank you for lighting a programming fire under him.

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Fraser Jackson
An RP4K parent

"She absolutely loves everything about the program!!"

Thaya, our 8 year old daughter joined the beginner’s coding class at Real Programming 4 Kids in 2017. She absolutely loves everything about the program!! The morning of her second session in the program, I shared with her that I was going to be taking her that afternoon again. She cheered with excitement. I was […]

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Thul Miles

I would recommend it to anyone

For the past few years, my son Gabriel has been attending the Real Programming 4 Kids program at St. Mildred's and I believe that with attending this fun, challenging, interactive, structural gaming program that it has aicled Gabriel in being able to achieve excellent marks at school in Math.

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Patrice Castagner
An RP4K parent

RP4K is the best programming school

My name is Brandon Smith, back in grade 5 or 6 I began taking courses from you, which includes Pacman, Asteroids, DirectX and HL Mods, which by the way were awesome courses with great people.

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Brandon Smith
A former RP4K student