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Frequently Asked Questions

What do Kids do at RP4K?

Kids learn the fundamentals of computer programming while creating a video game in an informal classroom setting.

Can my child work on his/her project at home?

Absolutely! We are thrilled to see students eager to program at home. If you would like to work on the project at home, we kindly ask you to make a copy of the project and use the copy for home use. Have fun with the copy, but please keep the original unmodified so it can be used in class and is on pace with the rest of the class.

Can my child take the video game project home?

Yes. Just bring in any USB memory stick and present it to the instructor. We will copy the project for you to take home.

Where can I download the software used in class?

Check out our software section for links to free programming software used in class.

How do I register?

Give us a call at 1-877-307-3456. If you are new to RP4K we will schedule a FREE no obligation trial class. This is a short sample of one of our classes. The trial class is very important because it allows us to recommend the most appropriate class for your child. Plus it also gives you a chance to see what we are all about.After the trial class we will email you a report naming the most suitable starting course for your child. So it’s important we have your current email address!

Download the registration form and fill it out as per its instructions.

Call us at any time during the registration process. We will work with you to find a class time to meet your schedule.

Where are your classes located?

Downtown Toronto
Richmond Hill

Can Parents sit in on the classes?

Yes. Feel free to grab a chair and stick around if you would like to observe. We kindly ask that parents observing do not get directly involved in the class however and make every effort to respect the instructor’s space. We know it can be tough sometimes because the idea of making a video game seems fun!

Can my child bring his/her own laptop to class?

Yes. We encourage students to bring their own equipment whenever possible. This makes it easier for kids to continue programming at home and makes them more comfortable in class working on their own equipment. Please ensure that laptops come to class with plug in power adapters.

What ages are the students?

Ages 7-18. Although exceptions have been made for even younger students who are very comfortable with computers and the problem solving involved in programming.

When do school season classes start?

We make every effort to start school season classes in mid-late October so a full course runs right through until spring. But if you are unable to begin a class in October, fear not as some new classes start up throughout the season as demand allows. When scheduling a new class, we may delay the start date for a few weeks to allow time for more students to register and fill all 4 seats. We strive to provide a course start date within 2 weeks of registration.

Your school season classes are 27 weeks. Can we do a shorter class?

Based on our experience, 27 classes is the perfect amount of time to complete a video game project from start to finish at a relaxed pace, and still allow time for students to apply what they have learned in class.However we can also negotiate a shortened class if needed. Students most likely will not complete the video game project in a shortened class and will not receive the full educational benefit of the course.

In each course, we will demonstrate how to program a video game, but ultimately we hope to inspire the imagination and creativity of students so they are motivated to either develop their own game from scratch, or add extra features to their existing project.

A signficant amount of learning takes place in the final 9 weeks of a 27 week course when students begin to demonstrate applied knowledge. Our hope is that students will begin a new project under the supervision of their RP4K instructor, and take the project home motivated and eager to continue programming once the class has ended.
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