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Gabriele D.

RP4K Instructor since 2017

Gabriele (Gabe) Dibenedetto is a Georgian College graduate with an Ontario College Diploma in Computer Programming in Barrie, ON. He has been working for RP4K as a Video Game Programming Instructor since 2017 and has taught kids of all ages. He knows that computer programming can be challenging -- especially for first-time students -- and Gabe has always strived to be as engaging and helpful as possible to his students.

Gabe also has a Bachelor's Degree in Languages and Literatures from Italy. He is fluent in English and Italian and can speak French, German, Spanish, and Japanese as well. He is passionate about video games (especially sandbox games, point-and-click graphic adventures, and RPGs), 3D computer graphics modeling and rendering, visual arts, and writing science-fiction.

Gabe helped our team set up our online courses on Canvas, and has been working on our new experimental Elite Game Engine course in C++, which he has been teaching to our students. He has experience with Unreal Engine 4, Unity, and even the classic Build Engine.

During the day, Gabe is a professional Unreal Software Developer in the electric motor vehicle manufacturing sector. In this sector he deals with the simulation department, but also works with engineering and perception. In addition to this amazing career Gabe continues his long track record as an instructor at RP4K on Saturdays!

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