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Elite – C#, C++, Unity Game Programming Courses for Kids

Our Elite level courses feature courses in C++ and Unity(C#).  Students apply everything that they’ve learned in the previous courses to our highest level courses.  Students at this level are introduced to component based programming and techniques and methods used by professional programmers in the industry.  These courses are for our most elite level programmers completely comfortable with object oriented and previous programming fundamentals and are advanced level graduates.  These programs are made from scratch by the students and the students are only provided the images and sounds created for RP4K (though all students are also encouraged to create their own resources to use in the program if they wish).

Open-Ended Courses

The Open-Ended program is designed to allow excelling students to quickly learn advanced topics usually taught in College and University! Learn to build client-server applications, connect programs to databases, or build web applications using multiple programming languages. The Open-Ended course is designed to allow students to take their own ideas and develop them to fruition. Designed to be 1-on-1 or small group projects, the course is tailored to the needs of students and allows them to learn a new language from the ground up, or continue building an application they've already started. Eligible students will be approached about potential opportunities. Let us know if your child has their own game ideas they would like to build!

RP4K’s Mathematics & Physics for Video Game Programmers

Elliott Bay M.Sc. (Mathematics) and president of RP4K is one of the instructors for this course

This is meant for RP4K students as an elite level. The ideal student would be 14 to 18 years old, already very good in mathematics and already has taken a few RP4K coding courses. This course is not for everyone.

This is the one RP4K course which is not a coding course.   Math & Physics for video game programmers is a math & physics course. It involves math, physics, examples, and proofs. Elliott, as president of RP4K, has been supervising our classes for over 20 years. Quite a few of the topics were chosen by Elliott because the math or physics formula shows up in one or more of our coding courses he has observed. However, the focus of the math & physics course is the math & physics.

Why take this course?

  • To better understand the math & physics behind video game programming
  • To learn to prove why some of the formula, used in video game programming, are true. It is better to know why something is true then to just insert it in your code. If you know why it's true you become more confident in using it.
  • To learn to think mathematically. 
  • To prepare for University Computer Science programs

In the Endless Runner (Unity C# Elite) course students control a robot that runs endlessly in a three dimensional space while avoiding obstacles placed in your way.

The Game Engine (C++ Elite) course is for our most experienced programmers that really want to know everything about making a game engine.

In these courses students learn about 3D models, textures, materials, component based programming and Unity specific functions such as prefabs, parenting, lists, tags, delegates and coroutines.  Students also use version control and create efficient and apply smart programming techniques and practices used in the industry. Students learn about rotating in three dimensions, matrices, vectors and linear interpolation.

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