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RP4K Instructor since 2017

My Education
5th year undergrad student at University of Toronto. Double Major in Statistics and City Studies

My Work Experience
5 years of working as a programming instructor at RP4K. 2 years of working as a private tutor for mathematics and computer programming.

Fun facts about Tiger
Enjoys Video Games and Programming. Values patience and the form of education. Dislikes the typical education system that places emphasis on "theoretical" application and their results rather than "practical" application and the process.

Why Tiger chose to work for RP4K
It began as a test, a whim of sorts to see if I can handle a career in the field of my interest. As I worked with other team members and students, I've come to enjoy teaching and the mutual exchange of benefits. I can learn new tricks and knowledge from my colleagues while I can introduce what I know to the students in a fun and enjoyable fashion.

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