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Spencer T.

RP4K Instructor since April 2021

My Education
Game Development and Entrepreneurship, Ontario Tech University.

My Work Experience
2 Years Technological Library volunteer, 1 summer teaching with the Simcoe County District school board, 1 year teaching with RP4K.

Fun facts about Spencer T.
I love 3D modelling, drawing, and playing and dissecting games! I always try to bring energy to conversations, and I love learning about things other people are passionate about, especially if I don't know a lot about it myself.

I absolutely adore cooking, especially for others! Though I don't like it when I have other people in the kitchen while I cook!

Why Spencer T. chose to work for RP4K
The summer I spent teaching when I was just graduating high school was one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had. Having the opportunity to teach again and build more passions is a privilege that I am ecstatic to be given.

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