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RP4K Instructor since February 2022

My Education
I am currently working towards a Bachelor of Science from McGill University, majoring in Physics and Computer Science.

My Work Experience
For several years preceding the pandemic, I worked with children first at summer camps and then later in various after-school programs

Fun facts about Joshua
Tales of reading's demise have been greatly exaggerated. I love to read and in my experience more and more kids are reading, so I think that's great! I'm someone who tends to get very intensely invested in new interests for a few months before moving on. So, when I find something that holds my interest, like programming or reading, I tend to consider that a good sign to keep on doing it. I also love to laugh. I think if something serious can be made just a little funny, then everyone around will benefit. Laughter can also be a great teaching tool! I can talk to cats! They don't talk back to be sure but it's still impressive!!

Why Joshua chose to work for RP4K
RP4K has presented the great opportunity to both use some of the skills I have acquired during my education while also allowing me to work with kids again, something I love to do but have largely been unable to do since the pandemic began.

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