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Spencer S.

RP4K Instructor since February 2022

My Education
I am a mostly self-taught programmer, but I have received certification in computer science fundamentals through Harvard’s CS50 program.

My Work Experience
Prior to working for RP4K, I primarily did a lot of freelance work, including designing web pages and repairing electronics, which I still continue to do in my free time. I also have some past experience in retail management.

Fun fact about Spencer S.
I am currently in the process of planning my own game studio and developing my first full-fledged video game, which I hope to have ready for release by mid-2023 on desktop and mobile platforms.

Why Spencer S. chose to work for RP4K
I chose to work with RP4K because I am passionate about computer programming and hope to pass on my skills to the next generation of developers. I love working with kids and I try to approach the material in a way that is engaging for all my students, paying attention to each group’s unique dynamic so I can adjust my style accordingly. I want to make learning programming a fun and exciting experience for everyone.

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