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The Many Different Career Paths in IT

Published on April 10, 2023 | Posted in ,  

Parents enroll their children in online coding classes for different reasons, but probably the two most popular are that they’re fun and prepare kids for their eventual entry into the workforce. RP4K puts video games at the centre of what we teach and uses gamification dynamics in class to ensure the sessions are engaging and enjoyable.

We believe that if kids enjoy learning to code, that’s reason enough for them to sign up for class. Kids only get childhood once, and shouldn’t spend it all preparing to be an adult. However, RP4K classes teach skills that employers look for in a wide range of jobs.

Proficient coders can make video games, websites, or apps professionally. It’s an exciting, dynamic industry with many high-paying jobs. Our courses also open up many jobs in Information technology, or IT.

Let’s check out what some of them are.

1. Computer and Information Systems Manager

This challenging and coveted job is in high demand because it’s engaging, lucrative, and there are many important responsibilities to oversee. A computer and information systems manager makes high-level technical decisions that require understanding the digital infrastructure of the entire network.

Managers must plan, coordinate, and direct all computer-based activities for an organization. The list includes everything from network security and technical auditing to directing other IT professionals in software development, systems analysis, and information security analysis.

Coding skills are crucial because they make higher-level technical matters easier to grasp and describe to colleagues. Managers with coding backgrounds have the foundations to succeed as team leaders because they understand the technical nuts and bolts underlying the network’s framework.

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Coding promotes skills like multitasking and creative problem-solving, two things information systems managers rely on. Kids as young as seven can begin with an introduction to computer programming at RP4K and see where it takes them.

2. Data Scientist

The data scientist position has risen across industries since the working world’s shift to data-driven infrastructure. In 2021, business leaders, team managers, and workers identified the need for data scientists as a top-10 essential.

It’s easy to take network reliability for granted, but in the background, data scientists constantly study and inspect data to fix network issues. If most people see the duck gracefully floating on the water’s surface, the data scientist is the legs churning frantically to keep the visible portion steady and calm.

They do this by solving complex computing problems, developing new computer languages and software systems, and testing how new software operates.

Data scientists must be technically literate to make informed, in-depth recommendations to other IT departments, making a coding background all but essential. They also need secondary skills which classes teaching coding for kids promote, such as effective communication, patience, and critical thinking.

3. Full-Stack Developers

Full-stack developers oversee both the front- and back-end of web development. They handle everything from user interface and browser compatibility to site testing and software fine-tuning.

This wide range of responsibilities means they must be fluent and well versed in several coding languages, including ones RP4K teaches, like Python, JavaScript, Java, and C++.

The more coding languages a full-stack developer understands, the better positioned they are to find and address front- and back-end issues across digital entities.

It helps when full-stack developers effectively communicate since they work with clients, executives, and development team members. RP4K’s online coding classes for kids are deliberately small in size, with a maximum of three other students per session.

When kids learn how to code in supportive environments where they’re heard and get an open line of communication with their teacher, they better soak up the information and practice the type of dialoguing they’ll eventually be expected to do in their careers.

4. Network and Computer Systems Analyst

Network and computer systems administrators oversee an organization’s computer network’s daily needs. They need to constantly do inspections to see what these needs are, make vital upgrades, repair flaws, and optimize systems so they run securely and effectively.

The admin also trains teams to use these systems and networks properly, communicating about complex technical issues in the process. Administrators fluent in multiple programming languages are much better positioned to make network-based decisions and recommendations because they grasp the underlying code.

Coding classes promote the type of soft skills computer systems analysts rely on, like effective communication and solution-driven attitudes.

5. Product Manager

Professional product managers are responsible for a product over its entire lifecycle, from creation to release. From the time of product development, product managers create plans to meet production goals, monitor and improve the production process, and make informed insights about consumer behaviour by analyzing market data.

Like other IT positions requiring coding, this profession requires effective communication skills because they work alongside developers, accountants, procurement professionals, and executives. Product managers are ultimately responsible for the product, so they need a technical understanding of complex issues and the ability to describe what’s going on to a variety of people from different backgrounds who may lack this specific knowledge.

There are many careers that require coding skills outside of being a professional video game programmer or building the next generation of apps or websites. It’s hard to keep up with digital trends in technology because it’s such a fast-moving world.

People debate today whether learning to code will really future-proof a person’s career, especially in response to the latest AI. It’s impossible to know what the workforce will look like years from now, but tech will surely remain a driving force in our digital world. It would be one thing if developing coding skills only led to a narrow field of jobs, but they open up more doors than you may at first think.

RP4K’s online coding classes give kids the direct and indirect skills they’ll need to thrive in dozens of tech jobs or carve their own digital path. Even if they work in an entirely unrelated field, they’ll have fun learning to design and code their own video games now.

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