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Guide to Choosing the Right Summer Coding Class for Your Kids

Published on May 23, 2024 | Posted in  

Every parent wants to prepare their kids today for the world of tomorrow. For many, this means ensuring they understand the digital technology dominating today’s economy, culture, and just about everything else.

That’s why online coding classes are so popular, but which one should you take? RP4K has a summer coding class program that lets students take a deeper dive into coding. Instead of weekly one-hour sessions, kids spend two hours a day learning to code five days a week.

Each course lasts 1-2 weeks. Parents don’t need to know how to code to select the right coding course for their child. Just read this guide.

The Beginning is Python

If your child is new to coding, placing them in a suitable class is relatively easy. We start kids off in sessions devoted to learning Python, which is perfect for introducing coding to your children because it’s a real coding language used by very popular apps, like the streaming platform Netflix.

Some schools rely on drag-and-drop programs like Scratch, which only exist to convey to kids what coding is like, though professional coders never use them in the field. Python is different. It’s one of the most simple programming languages for kids, so it’s suitable for beginners as young as seven. When kids are finished the course, they’ll have created a video game they can show off to their friends and family and actually play it with them!

Your kids will love creating their own video games. Kids get motivated to learn when the journey is so much fun, and the goal is so rewarding. Our year-round classes put fun and video games at the heart of what we do, and our summer coding classes are no different.

Kids learn more effectively when they’re enjoying themselves, and summertime should be a blast for children. If your child is new to coding, Python is the perfect place for them to begin.

Advancing Beyond

If your child has some experience in coding already, it’s important to determine precisely how far along in their journey they are. Is there a coding language they already know but want to improve their skills in? Perhaps they know how to code in Python but not Java or JavaScript?

RP4K teaches a suite of popular, in-demand coding languages:

  • Python
  • Java
  • JavaScript
  • C#
  • C++

We design our lessons to keep students stimulated but never overwhelmed. We ensure they have a strong foundation and experience before moving on to new material so they’re hungry and able to learn without feeling like they’re moving too quickly.

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Just like our year-round classes, our summer coding camp has a very low student-teacher ratio of 4:1. That means there will always be a maximum of three other students in a session with your child. Your child will never struggle to be heard, and their teacher won’t have to worry about classroom management issues that can be a distraction in larger groups.

Plus, because we have no mandatory minimum policy, you know the session will run when you book it, even if your child is the only student.

The Summer Camp Courses

RP4K has a roster of coding languages we teach yearly, but our summer coding camp courses are a little different. We now offer 14 courses that span a wide spectrum, so kids of all experience levels have something perfect for them:

  • Beginner Python Serpent Temple
  • Beginner Java Pizza Bandit
  • Beginner Applied Math
  • Developing Java Polar Peril
  • Developing Python Galacticat
  • Developing Applied Math
  • Intermediate AI
  • Intermediate Java Asteroids
  • Intermediate Python Avalanche
  • Intermediate C# Sharpshooter
  • Advanced Applied Math
  • Advanced AI
  • Advanced C# Haunted Harbour
  • Advanced Java Android Mobile

Gauge your child’s experience level by asking them how familiar they are with the coding languages RP4K teaches. Maybe they’ve never heard of the coding languages, or perhaps they’ve dabbled with one or two.

If they have experimented with one of our coding languages but don’t have much experience, sticking with classes focusing on that language is probably best.

Advanced Classes Are Serious

How do you know if your child is ready for our advanced classes? For one thing, they’re quite advanced. Sessions for our most experienced students contain math concepts they wouldn’t otherwise see until they reach university.

Our online coding classes subtly and quietly embed math lessons into the coding classes, as kids need to understand things like vectors, integers, and even trigonometry to successfully code a video game. As they advance and become more proficient coders, the math they encounter becomes more complex. Usually, only experienced students at the tail end of high school take our most advanced coding courses.

Recorded Classes

One great way to get a sense of what the courses are like and how difficult they are is to watch some previous classes! RP4K records all of our classes so future students and parents can see what they’re like before enrolling.

Visit our website to peruse the recorded classes section and choose the program that seems mostly new but a little familiar. Parents and students can also prepare for what their classes will be like. Our website lets parents see and students preview our easy, medium, and more difficult classes so you can test the waters before diving in.

Contact Us

Finally, RP4K is happy to talk you through any questions you may have about our summer courses and give a larger, fuller explanation of what students will learn from each one. Sometimes, it’s simplest to talk to an actual person on the other side who can provide more details.

Our phone number is (877) 307-3456, or email us at We’d love to speak with you to answer any questions about our program and help ensure your child finds the program that fits them best.

Summer is the time for kids to have fun, but they also need to learn important skills that will help them later. Coding is a crucial skill in our digital, high-tech society. Make sure you read the above carefully to help place your child in the right coding course, or contact us to answer any questions.

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