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Introductory – Computer Programming Courses

Introductory Goals

Here at RP4K, our team is committed to helping developing children build fundamental computer skills for the world of the future. This process begins with our Introductory Early Start program. This level focus on young children, helping them learn basic programming concepts even if they haven’t become fully acquainted with computers!

Our market-leading computer programming courses help young children develop their skills as they create, explore, and play by engaging with the world of computers.

Introductory Course listing

Our Introductory Computer Programming Courses feature:

  • Alice 2.4
  • Scratch Crop Defender

About the courses


Developed by Carnegie Mellon University, Alice 2.4 is a program through which students can drag and drop code pieces to put together a puzzle. The process helps the child learn code placement and problem-solving while building their understanding of computers.


First publicly released in 2007 by Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s MIT Media Lab, Scratch is a popular classroom tool to build programs within a web browser or offline editor using drag-and-drop blocks! Great for children working on their keyboard and mouse skills, computer navigation and problem solving skills.

RP4K will help your child learn how to use Scratch version 3.X to recreate a strategic mazed-based timed explosive game in our Early Start+ Scratch Crop Defender course!

Preview of Crop Defender

Notes about teaching styles and content focus

  • Programming Concept Development

Our courses will also help children learn several of the basic concepts of programming, including commenting, loops, objects, commands, and variables. This provides the ideal foundation as children move on to more complex concepts in later courses.

  • Math Fundamentals

Students at the introductory level are beginning to hone their understanding of numbers. Our introductory courses teach students fundamental concepts such as fractions, decimals, and the beginnings of algebra.

Learn with the Experts at RP4K

Our Introductory Early Start Course is taught by leading local teachers with many years’ experience in the education and programming fields. We work to create the ideal comfortable learning environment for young children as they hone their understanding of programming and become more confident in their use of computers.

To discover more about our Early Start course and our full range of computer programming courses, please contact our team today.

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