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6 Rewarding Careers that Require Excellent Coding Skills

Published on October 13, 2020 | Posted in  

The tech world can seem a little opaque to those on the outside. We might rely on products produced by tech companies every day, but what goes into the design and creation of these products can still be a bit of a mystery.

Yet over the past twenty years, tech has become one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. Seemingly overnight, tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google have become the biggest companies in America. But behind this massive success is the work of the millions of coders responsible for creating and maintaining the software programs that power these industry giants.

It’s no surprise, then, that coding has become an essential skill for young people who want to compete in the 21st-century job market. Not only does coding unlock employment opportunities at some of the most successful and dynamic companies in the world, it is also a great way to find a profession that is creatively rewarding.

If you want to encourage your kids to explore coding for themselves, online coding classes for kids are a great way of giving them a taste of what it involves, and serve as a springboard into one of these lucrative and fulfilling careers.

1. Computer Systems Engineer

Systems engineers are problem solvers, looking at the big picture of a computer system and finding solutions. Systems engineers often work with a team of other people to figure out how to make systems as responsive and efficient as possible and is a great job for individuals interested in applying their knowledge of coding to practical issues.

This job often requires some knowledge of business as well, so it will be particularly appealing for people who love computers but also want a more social work environment. But it all starts with learning the programming languages we teach at Real Programming 4 Kids like C++, Python, and Java.

Developing the problem-solving skills of a systems engineer starts early, which is why we offer the kinds of small class sizes and personalized teaching that can give kids the feedback and support to not only master the intricacies of coding, but to develop the critical mindset an engineer needs.

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2. App Developer

From ordering dinner to reading the news, apps are the portals through which we access the internet — but they are also a multi-billion dollar business. As app-based companies like Uber and Tinder have shown, if you want to disrupt the market and launch a successful business, apps are one of the best ways to do so.

This means that there is a huge demand for people with the coding skills to create, design, and support apps. This is reflected in the high median salary (around $105,000) that app developers can expect to earn once they finish university.

If you’re interested in learning more about how coding camps can help teach kids the skills to start programming apps of their own, check out our available online courses for the coming semester.

3. Database Administrator

The title might not sound particularly glamorous, but database administrators play an essential role in helping businesses and organizations of all kinds access information in streamlined ways. This means it is a great job for people with analytic minds who want to apply their knowledge of coding and computer systems to the problems of data management.

Because database administrators are needed in so many different industries, developing the underlying coding skills needed to handle this job will make you employable in just about any large or mid-sized organization, opening up opportunities in the world of non-profits, universities, and the arts.

4. Game Designer

The first way most kids encounter computers is through games, and a love of gaming is one of the things that draws lots of kids to our computer courses in Toronto. E-sports has become a massive global industry, so it’s not surprising that for creative children, an interest in games can blossom into an obsession with the technology that powers them.

One of the things that makes game design special as a career path is that it blends technical knowledge with a more artistic sensibility. Most game designers are coders, but they are also artists, storytellers, and design experts. For creative kids who have a knack for analytic thinking, game design brings together the best of both worlds.

If you have a child who wants to learn more about how games are programmed — and even start programming their own — check out one of our RP4K locations across the GTA to find out about our online lessons. While our lessons are designed to develop real-world coding skills, we also make learning fun and accessible, so kids will be excited to log in for each lesson.

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5. Web Developer

Websites have become an absolutely essential tool for companies, entrepreneurs, and individuals who want to run a business on the side. And while there are many tools available that help you design your own simple website, web developers who can create custom sites are still very much in demand.

One of the things that makes web development especially appealing is that there are a lot of opportunities that come out of it. Not only can you find work at a larger company specializing in website design, you can also start your own business or do freelance web design on the side.

Web development is particularly desirable for those who want a little more freedom and control over their daily lives. When all you need is an internet connection to do your job, it becomes a lot easier to work from home anywhere in the world.

6. Business Intelligence Analyst

When most people think of a coder, they think of someone sitting in an office writing and editing code for hours on end. And while that work is essential to developing software, basic computer programming is increasingly being sent offshore.

The real growth area in Canada and the United States lies in careers that integrate coding with other areas of expertise, such as business or marketing. This means that being a proficient coder by the time you finish high school opens you up to pursue another interest (like business or law) at university.

For this reason, children who learn the basics of coding young stand a much better chance of landing jobs in a range of different tech-related industries for the simple reason that they will be able to understand the software they are marketing, advertising, or selling.

In the same way that kids who learn French will have an advantage over their monolingual peers, Canadian kids who know how to code will have a leg up in the tech industry even if they don’t want to become programmers.

Preparing kids for life in the 21st century isn’t easy. The astounding rate of technological change means that many old career paths have simply disappeared, and the new ones operate on a very different kind of logic.

Many career experts suggest that instead of training for a single job, it is better for young people to develop a range of generally applicable skills like coding, social media proficiency, and effective communication, so they have many different competencies to offer a potential employer.

This is why giving kids some experience with coding early on can have a huge impact on their employability in the future. Even just learning the basics of coding can help children understand how the world around them works, and if they’re able to reach a level of proficiency, they will be well-positioned to thrive in the contemporary market.

Get in touch with Real Programming for Kids to explore our class offerings and find out which programming course is right for your child!

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