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Coding Teaches Kids Transferable Skills Employers Seek

Published on December 20, 2020 | Posted in  

As a parent, you want your children to enjoy their childhood and emerge from it prepared for the world. It can be difficult sometimes to balance the pressure to teach them valuable life skills during childhood while also keeping it a time for play, self-discovery, and innocence.

Real Programming 4 Kids understands this challenge, which is why our sessions always offer children both! Our classes teach coding for kids in a way that’s designed to be fun while teaching them math through the back-door — when they’re engaged in building their video games, they might not even realize they’re learning integers or trigonometry.

Play can be productive. Considering how the biggest employers today are tech companies like Amazon or Google, getting familiarity with coding languages from a young age can be a difference-maker. There are available courses to choose from at RP4K designed to suit students with different levels of experience.

But coding teaches kids more than just math skills. In fact, coding teaches kids a whole slew of transferrable skills beyond programming that can help them in other careers. Let’s look at 6 rewarding careers that require coding skills to see how programming today creates empowered workers tomorrow.

1.   App Developer

Apps seem to have become the backbone of society in just a short number of years. Millions of people rely on apps every day to read news, order food, conduct their banking, and countless other things.

Learning to code is a gateway to creating, developing and designing apps. Starting salaries are high, indicating these are valued skills. Especially when there’s a premium on the ability to work remotely, it’s well worth your time to build the skills necessary to become an app developer.

2.   Video Game Designer

The video game industry has grown by leaps and bounds in the past few years. Today it is worth a total of about $160 billion, up around 9% since 2019. Video games are an enormous industry; they’re not just diversions for children!

Real Programming 4 Kids teaches many of the coding languages professional video game developers use, such as Java, C#, and C++. But what we emphasize is the fun and pleasure of video games. Most professional video game developers grew up playing games themselves, and this passion for gaming is a requirement for the job.

Video game designers need to be analytical, creative-minded, and with the ability to tell stories. Our students have gone on to get jobs building video games for Microsoft, Shadow Blaze Games, Wind Jester Games, and more.

3.   Web Developer

Web developers are in high demand because every business needs a website. From multinational corporations to entrepreneurs launching a start-up, websites are essential, and the basic ones that most people can create don’t go far enough.

Anyone with the skills to build complex websites can choose between working at a company or running their own freelance business. The ability to work independently has always been a coveted thing, but it takes on new importance in a pandemic.

If you never have an office to work from, you can live and work from about anywhere in the world. It’s vital to have control over your lifestyle.

4.   Computer Programmer

Companies that build software need computer programmers to design, build and test their programs to ensure they run smoothly. The more experience you have in coding, the more prepared you’ll be on the job.

Many positions require employees to know multiple coding languages. Real Programming 4 Kids teachers numerous coding languages:

  • Java
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python

Public schools don’t teach most of these languages until the later grades, if they do at all. Many coding centres focus on drag-and-drop programs that are easier to teach because it’s difficult to teach more advanced languages when there are so many kids per class. We don’t have that problem at RP4K because our sessions have a maximum of four students.

5.   Computer Systems Engineer

Organizations have complex needs that their computers must serve efficiently. Anyone who can code is in an excellent position to get hired to run a company’s computer systems smoothly, or by a third-party that handles these services for several clients.

Computer systems engineers can use their analytics skills to improve or innovate these systems to run more effectively. They may be called on to advise the IT department, and usually require a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

6.   Go it Alone

Finally, the coding skills acquired in programming classes help give kids the fundamental digital skills they’ll need to carve out their own career path. Many of these formal roles require overlapping skills, and it’s possible to work freelance for a company in a capacity that requires you to wear multiple hats at once.

You could decide to start a business on your own and handle all your IT needs yourself. Being able to code from a young age makes you a native speaker in a digital world, granting you independence as you age.

You’ll have the tools to become a coveted asset to a variety of companies, as well as the knowledge to get your own products or services off the ground. If somebody wants a stable job in an exciting field, they can select any of the positions listed above.

But if they want to blaze their own path, understanding how to code is fundamental domain knowledge to possess. Learning to code also fosters many useful skills to entrepreneurs and digital mavens, like critical thinking and how to see a digital product through to the end.

The world is changing quickly and in unpredictable ways. The best way to stay prepared for it is to take enjoyable, stimulating lessons that teach the fundamental skills of the future. Your child will receive lessons that prepare them for life, even if they don’t go on to develop video games professionally when they’re older.

Whether you have an eye towards preparing your child for the future workforce or you’re just trying to ensure they have a fun and stimulating time, sign them up for coding lessons today.

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