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The Many Different Career Paths in IT

Published on April 10, 2023
Parents enroll their children in online coding classes for different reasons, but probably the two most popular are that they’re fun and prepare kids for their eventual entry into the workforce. RP4K puts video games at the centre of what we teach and uses gamification dynamics in class to ensure the sessions are engaging and […]
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These Movies Will Get Your Kids Excited About STEM Skills

Published on September 14, 2021
If there’s one thing kids might love more than video games, it’s the movies. From animators like Disney and Pixar to Hollywood production companies that seem to have inside knowledge on the sights and sounds kids love most, movies resonate with kids in a truly special way. When young children see someone like them pursuing […]
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8 STEM Books Your Child Will Love

Published on May 12, 2021
Nobody understands and appreciates the value of using digital, online tools to help children learn more than Real Programming 4 Kids, but, of course, books play a huge role in education too! Books have always been the primary way people record knowledge, and they will continue to be no matter how technology advances in the […]
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Why It's Important to Get Girls Interested in STEM

Published on December 26, 2019
What is STEM, and why has there been such a huge push recently to get girls interested in it? STEM stands for Science, Technology, Economics, and Mathematics, and the reason why educators, parents, and business leaders alike want to encourage girls to be interested in STEM is because there is shortage of women studying and […]
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