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8 STEM Books Your Child Will Love

Published on May 12, 2021 | Posted in  

Nobody understands and appreciates the value of using digital, online tools to help children learn more than Real Programming 4 Kids, but, of course, books play a huge role in education too! Books have always been the primary way people record knowledge, and they will continue to be no matter how technology advances in the future.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) Books get progressively more complicated and involved as the age of the reader increases. For young kids, the main thing is to introduce them to basic concepts, to whet their appetite to learn more about science and innovation.

Older, more experienced kids can learn more about the history of science and innovation, so they feel excited to contribute. Learning to code is a huge part of the STEM world, and opening up your kid’s mind to science can be a gateway to learning how to program a video game or web app.

You can visit Real Programming 4 Kids to sign your child up for coding classes that are fun, socially-distanced, and informative. In the meantime, here are a few of the best STEM books organized by age groups.

Young Kids

Rosie Revere, Engineer

Coding teaches kids that there’s no such thing as failure — when an attempt doesn’t succeed, there’s an amazing opportunity to keep learning from it. Rosie Revere, Engineer teaches kids the same message: persistence is key!

This book is suitable for children as young as five and up, or kindergarten to grade two. Andrea Beaty, the author, also wrote other beloved STEM books for kids like Ada Twist, Scientist.

Robots and Gadgets

Now, young kids don’t need to wonder what robots and gadgets can build — they can flip the pages and learn for themselves! Robots and Gadgets is a picture book featuring over 300 stickers that let children get involved with the book’s activities, mazes, and puzzles along the way.

Teaching coding to anybody involves easing them into a new and sometimes confusing world, so it helps when children read books like this, building up their excitement, before enrolling in online programming for kids sessions.

Kids aged 8-12

Kate the Chemist

Join 10-year-old Kate and the gang in their quest to solve science problems in her community. This book was written by a chemist professor from the University of Texas, Dr. Kate Biberdorf.

Credit: StockSnap via Pixabay

Dr. Biderdorf is passionate about breaking down stereotypes surrounding science by making it an exciting, dynamic subject that welcomes everybody. Her fun and enthusiastic approach are perfect because kids coding classes can be intimidating, especially for girls and women, who unfortunately still suffer stigma in the sciences.

Indeed, we’re proud that RP4K gets girls to code and helps expose everyone to the subject we love.

How We Got to Know

Now, middle-grade readers can learn about the history of invention and innovation. It’s easy to take technology for granted, especially for young kids who never knew what life was like before.

Unpacking the past can be a powerful way to sharpen appreciation of the present. Steven Johnson’s book revels in past discoveries, motivating kids to take steps in the future of innovation.

Maker Lab — 28 Super Cool Projects

This book by Jack Challoner is exactly what it sounds like. Check out the 28 kid-safe projects and crafts that inspire young minds to fall in love with STEM subjects as they grow up.

With only the materials already found in your home, kids can make exploding volcanoes, race balloon rocket cars, create sticky slime, construct a lemon battery, and more. By tying together how children understand the world to real applications of important technology, kids will put the book down, eager to take up sciences.

Youth Ages 12 and Up

The Boy Who Harnessed Wind

Based on a true story about a boy named William from a West African village experiencing a drought, this tale of resourcefulness and problem-solving will inspire any child to feel like they can apply technology to make a difference in the world.

The story by William Kamkwamba and Bryan Mealer, with illustrations by Anna Hymas, has been made into a feature-length movie you can watch on Netflix.

Strange but True!

Even parents will be wowed by some of the revelations in this book, which captures some extreme, bonkers, and unusual animals, places, and occurrences. Learn more about zombie snails, killer plants, and more.

The vivid photographs help bring these strange happenings to life for readers of all ages. Wrapping your mind around a concept is one thing, but pictures help make the connections more alive and visceral.

Calling All Minds

World-famous autism spokesperson Temple Grandin wrote this wonderful book about inventions, strange facts, and personal stories to blow the minds of young inventors. It’s easy to say, “think outside the box,” but this book helps readers young and old see the world in a new way.

Temple Grandin has authored over 60 scientific papers on animal behaviour and has documented her personal experience, and the insights gained while practicing science on the autism spectrum. In 2010, she was in the Time 100 under the “heroes” category as one of the most 100 influential people in the world.

RP4K emphasizes engagement rather than rote drills because we know that kids learn better when genuinely motivated. Our experienced teachers skew on the younger side, ensuring they also grew up with computers and video games in their youth. RP4K lessons revolve around coding video games, so kids look forward to every class and don’t even realize they’re learning!

Coding is a fun and safe activity to do in a pandemic, but it will also ready your child and teach them skills the workforce values. If you want your child to be involved in STEM subjects, show them some of the above books and see if they take. Or, sign them up for lessons with RP4K to experience the fun and stimulating world of learning to code.

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