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How do Coding Skills Transfer to the Classroom?

Published on February 9, 2021 | Posted in  

Sometimes, people have wonderful hobbies that also have secondary benefits. Kids who learn music get to experience and share the joys of instruments like guitar or piano, but playing music also helps improve cognitive abilities related to language, memory, and math skills.

Learning to code has many primary benefits and a lot of secondary benefits too. Naturally, developing the skills to program your own video games is its own reward, and it’s wonderful to know you’ll be a valuable addition to the job market.

In the meantime, learning to code teaches many STEM skills that are immediately useful in the classroom. Please continue reading to understand why learning to code can be so beneficial for your child.

Coding Teaches Math

Taking our coding courses teaches math to young children in a way that’s so much fun, they won’t even notice they’re learning. STEM skills are built right into the program, but because children apply these skills to create video games, they’ll simply register that they’re having fun.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t learning, though! Even the Beginner level Python and Java courses teach young children coding lessons that introduce them to concepts like Pythagorean Theorem, coordinates (x and y value), inversion, inequalities and absolute values.

Children also learn important typing, communication, and interpersonal skills. Our online coding for kids classes will help your child when they can safely return to the actual classroom.

RP4K lets children learn at their own pace, and we’re proud to have a maximum of four students per teacher, the best in the industry. Our teachers have many years of experience in the education and programming fields.

RP4K offers a free trial lesson, and we recommend that parents sit in on it so they can help their child control things like the mouse or keyboard should the need arise and see what the lessons are all about.

As students advance from class to class, they learn more complex mathematical concepts. In Developing level classes, they learn about the mathematical equation of slope, loops, arrays, and more.

By the final course, students put all their mathematical and programming skills to the test, like rotating in three dimensions, matrices, vectors, and linear interpolation. As they move from one success to another, their confidence will grow, and so will their desire to learn.

Problem Solving Skills

In life and the classroom, people need to solve problems they face, which sometimes requires creativity and lateral thinking. The Polar Peril game in Developing classes builds off prior sessions, introducing more complexity using and/or logic.

Learning to code requires different types of logic and critical thinking that can be useful in countless situations, especially in school!

On a basic level, problem-solving is all about independent thinking and persistence to work through a problem by yourself. However, there is also a strong emphasis on collaboration and teamwork.

Algorithmic thinking is a term for defining clear steps towards a solution. One big part of it is computational concepts, like repetition, sequencing, and conditional logic. Whether in maths or sciences, learning to code instills this approach in students.

Learning to code imparts enhanced reasoning, planning, and organizational skills. Whether it’s in a math course or even in subjects you may not expect, like literary comprehension and writing, coding students apply their knowledge broadly. Anytime they run up against a problem, the problem-solving skills they learn are a considerable asset.

Undergrad and Beyond

Many RP4K students have gone on to study subjects like Computer Engineering in university or work for companies like Microsoft programming video games. Countless students have told us over the years that becoming familiar from a young age with real coding languages professionals rely on gave them an advantage.

As a result of learning to code, your child will have the foundational knowledge to study or work in a range of in-demand careers. These skills give you the freedom to decide whether you want to create video games independently or for a major company like Wind Jester Games or even Microsoft — your child will be able to carve their own path in their career and education.

There is a range of rewarding coding careers available, but it’s best to be qualified for them all, so you’re in a position to choose. It’s hard to say what the future will look like, but the odds are high it’ll be written in code.

A Love for Learning

It’s very healthy for kids to enjoy learning, and above all, that’s what we strive to do. RP4K has a policy of hiring undergrad students in Computer Science or Computer Engineering rather than university professors, who are older and didn’t grow up playing video games.

Our teachers have a lot of experience teaching and programming, but sessions are designed to be fun and exciting! RP4K testimonials are filled with parents surprised and delighted to see their child take so strongly to coding lessons.

The last thing we’d ever want to do is sour kids on learning to code. That’s why we take such pains to make our classes inclusive, fun and tailored to each student’s needs.

Students need to be genuinely motivated to succeed in coding, and school and their future careers. By letting them experience first-hand that there’s no contradiction between fun and learning, we help students become lifetime learners.

The indirect lessons kids learn from coding can be just as important as the direct skills they acquire. Likewise, these skills are just as important as the ability to program video games for computers or consoles. Even if your child decides that taking up coding in school or beyond is for them, learning to code from Real Programming 4 Kids will help prepare them for the classroom and beyond.

Online classes are a safe and fun way to keep occupied from home, so don’t hesitate to sign up for lessons or contact us if you have any questions.

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