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Spotlight on Java: The Benefits of Java Coding for Kids

Published on February 17, 2022 | Posted in  

Most parents today understand that computers will play a massive role in the future, and they want their kids to know how they work so they can lead rather than follow in the days to come. But beyond that, things get more uncertain.

What type of computer skills do they need? If learning to code is important, which coding language should they take on first? When parents consider online coding for kids, they need to choose a class that focuses on a specific programming language.

Very young children new to coding should learn how Python works, rather than drag-and-drop languages programs such as Scratch, which are primarily designed to convey what coding is like.

Our goal is always to ensure that kids have fun with computers, so they are excited about lessons and delving deeper into coding. That’s why we put video games at the centre of everything we do. One of the most popular computer games of all time is Minecraft, which runs on Java, making it perfect for children.

At RP4K, we are proud to teach a range of coding languages that professionals use in the field every day at their jobs. We also teach JavaScript, C#, and C++, but Java is a wonderful language for kids to know for multiple reasons.

Please keep reading to see what they are.


On a basic level, kids want to do what their friends are doing, and the group wants to do what kids elsewhere are doing. Launched in 2011, Minecraft is an online sandbox gaming platform that people everywhere have heard of if they haven’t played it themselves.

While the design appears simplistic at first glance, Java offers a complex, multifaceted game experience where players are free to roam as they please rather than tackle the “main quest.” Kids can explore, craft, mine, and build whatever they want, encouraging creative thinking and lateral problem-solving skills.

Parents enroll their children in coding for kids courses in Toronto to learn a wide range of computer skills that will help them down the road in school and perhaps professionally. That knowing how to code also gives them a leg up when playing popular video games is just icing on the cake.


Understanding how Java works allows children to modify Minecraft and build add-ons that alter the game in minor and major ways. For example, they can add new weapons or materials, but they can also change how the graphics appear.

That Minecraft isn’t a fixed game is one of the key reasons for its continued success and popularity — it keeps reinventing itself, so players can enjoy a new game each time. However, they can’t do it without knowing how to manipulate the source code written in Java.

RP4K always has a maximum of four students per class, so students can learn in a relaxed environment that doesn’t suffer from classroom management issues. Teachers can give their full attention to every child, so each one has the necessary learning support.

Robust Programming

Java is a great vehicle to learn about programming, but it also offers coders more functionality than C++. For students who thought about wanting to build their own website or apps, Java is a great language for them to get going because it’s easy to learn while offering tremendous upside.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to RP4K to learn more about Beginner Level Python and Java Game Programming For Kids course and how your children can get started today.

Math Fundamentals

RP4K was founded by a mathematician, and math is at the core of everything we do. We try to make it so fun that kids don’t realize they’re learning math, but they are! From coordinates (x and y value), inversions, inequalities, and absolute values, they’ll get a good dose of mathematical knowledge. 

Young man at laptop, youth with stickers on laptop

When kids learn Java, they’ll learn how to make IF statements and understand concepts like variables, arrays, parameters, objects, functions, and loops. They’ll be challenged by programming puzzles like animation, chasing, and collision detection.

The beginner courses assume students are familiar with numbers, so concepts like coordinates are suitable. From there, we teach kids how to apply integer mathematics to move objects on the screen and explore concepts even further beyond.

Pizza Bandit

Minecraft isn’t the only game that runs on Java! RP4K students get to create and play Pizza Bandit, a game featuring a raccoon named Reggie who needs to get all the pizza spread around Pizzaville before getting trapped by animal control and their robotic cages.

Young coding students can join Reggie and his friends Cheeky Pete and Suzie Coo while they hunt through the streets looking for pizza! Java processing can introduce students to sprites as part of the base game, with basic animation demonstrated for multiple objects in the game.

Students can feel what it’s like to create a classic arcade game (Pizza Bandit might remind you of a game called Pac Man, or perhaps Ms. Pac Man) while also letting them put their own signature touches on a game. Whether it’s innovative new games like Minecraft or classic staples, kids will have a ton of fun learning how to create their own game, not to mention showing off the games they designed to friends and family.

Games might be fun to play, but the sense of ownership and accomplishment children get from building their own game is hard to achieve any other way.

Of all the computer programming languages for kids to learn, Java is a powerful language that can have wide applications in the world of building video games, apps, and websites. Learning it will impart an invaluable set of direct and indirect skills on their way to learning other coding languages or simply building digital tools for school, work, or pleasure. RP4K is proud to teach Java, but as students progress, we work on other languages that are also fundamental to computers and wonderful to learn for other reasons.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to RP4K if you have any other questions about Java or the other coding languages we offer!

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