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The Best Computer Programming Languages for Kids to Learn

Published on July 24, 2019 | Posted in ,  

Kids will benefit for the rest of their lives by learning computer programming languages. But choosing the right class and the right language can make all the difference.

So, which is the best computer programming language for your kids to learn? Let’s explore the options.


For kids interested in animation or simple game development, Scratch is one of the best learning tools you can offer. The coding language is simple enough for even young children to pick up and offers a variety of functionalities that will keep even the most experienced programmer busy.

Scratch also has a robust and thriving online community in which users share their artwork and other Scratch creations. This way students can become engaged with others who share their passion for computer-based creativity.


One of the key benefits of learning Python is that comments can be written in the code as if you’re reading a conversation, so there’s no significant learning curve. 

Python also makes it simple to build programs and create instructions that the computer can understand. 

In addition, many of the core functionalities programmers need are already built into Python and there’s no need to search the Internet to find new techniques. This program is the ideal learning option for young programmers.


Slightly harder to learn than Python, Java is a great learning tool for young minds. 

The language is like C++ and C but offers a great range of functionalities. So, students will be able to continually build on their progress when using Java to craft their latest applications.

Ready to choose the best computer programming course for your kids? Real Programming 4 Kids can help. We offer a full range of courses, including game programming and general computer programming options. Each class is taught by an experienced instructor and we ensure class sizes are small so young students have access to the highest-quality education.

It’s time to choose the best course for your child. Contact us today to review the latest options or call 1 (877) 307-3456. 

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