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Intermediate - Python, Java, JavaScript, C# Game Programming for Kids

Game Programming for Kids: Introducing our Intermediate Computer Coding Courses

Our team at Real Programming 4 Kids is committed to building the ideal game programming courses for kids to develop and build upon their programming knowledge. Our Intermediate level courses feature classes in Python, Java, JavaScript, and C#. At this level, students are beginning to become comfortable using a wide variety of programming languages and applying their programming knowledge to new programs and new learning environments.

Our Intermediate courses feature:

  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

Object-oriented programming is a method of storing programming data in a software bundle. In learning this method, students will discover how to create software and build programs using efficient coding methodologies.

  • Introduction to Advanced Math Fundamentals

Students at this level are also introduced to the math fundamentals such as angles, vectors, and trigonometry. Students will discover how to apply these math concepts to make things like movement across a 2 dimensional plane or enhanced collision detection or bouncing bullets off a wall work in their program.

  • Programming Games

By learning alongside the trained professionals at RP4K, your children can be inspired to build upon their past knowledge and to hone their understanding of programming languages. Our team has many years of experience in teaching game programming for kids, and continues to be widely commended across the teaching field. To discover more about our intermediate course options, call us today.

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