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Java and Python Beginner Core Concepts Beginner Courses

The core concepts courses provide a unique challenge tailored to a student’s programming ability. Students will be challenged through multiple mini projects that specialize on fundamental concepts all programming languages share. Students then will apply all the concepts they learn into developing a project of their own design that they can carry forward to work on beyond the course.

The tools of the Core Concepts courses involve the Processing program using the Java or Python programming language modes.

Core Programming Concepts

  • Variables
  • Understanding Data Types (Strings, floats, integers, Boolean, etc)
  • Methods/Functions
  • If statements (else if and else) and Switches
  • Conditional, Logical and Relational Operators
  • Class creation
  • Data structures: Lists, Arrays, Objects
  • Repeating code with Loops: For, While, For each

Understanding Processing

  • General Processing Layout
  • How to debug/fix errors
  • How to read and navigate lines of code
  • Loading Images from files
  • Extracting Zip files
  • Importing Coding Libraries, Fonts, Sound
  • Reading from and Writing to files
  • Creating Text and User Interface (UI) Menus in games
  • Using Color with RGB values

Critical Thinking and Mathematical Skills

  • Break problems down into smaller, understandable pieces
  • Pattern Recognition
  • Understanding Coding Logic: Pseudocode
  • General Problem Solving
  • Simplifying Code - Refactoring
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
  • Collision Detection
  • Cartesian Grid, 2D Graphs, Vectors
  • Transform and Translation, Matrices
  • Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Remainder
  • Absolute value, Exponents, Rounding (Floor & Ceiling), Random
  • BEDMAS calculations
  • Linear Algebra
  • Trigonometry - Pythagorean’s Theorem, Sin Cos Tan

Beginner Goals

Our Beginner and Beginner+ classes feature an introduction to Processing and specifically programming in Java and Python.  These are perfectly suited for students comfortable with the computer and new at programming or for our introductory graduates. These programs are made from scratch by the students and the students are only provided the images and sounds created for RP4K (though all students are also encouraged to create their own resources to use in the program if they wish).  

Beginner Course listing

Our Beginner Computer Programming Courses feature:

  • Processing Python Serpent Temple
  • Processing Java Pizza Bandit

About the courses

Serpent Temple

Serpent Temple (Python Processing) features a treasure hunter looking for the ultimate lost treasure.  Drake has to avoid snakes, traps, boulders and various other hazards while riding alligators to get the ultimate gold. This is a Beginner level course meant as an exploratory introduction of coding at each students pace.

RP4K instructors will begin by using regular shapes for all objects in the game, with customization being used to discover sprites and pictures. This allows us to work on coding skills without relying on computing ability like file-folder navigation, file-paths, and other distractions that take children away from mathematical applications of coding. By focusing purely on shapes, we can actually demonstrate what sprites (or pictures for characters) do underneath the visuals to perform like a game.

This course uses real Python code, with the help of the Python Processing reference material we will discover how to work with existing code features, while learning to make our own! This course is comprehensive and introduces Pythagorean theorem in a subtle way, and explores collisions between different kinds of shapes as well! Students taking this course in a 1-week summer camp or 18-week course should be able to complete our base material, plus experiment with customization with previous coding experience. Factors that can affect pacing include typing skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills.

Enjoy learning fun coding concepts with the help of instructors at a pace based on each individual student.

Pizza Bandit

Pizza Bandit (Java Processing) features a raccoon named Reggie who is trying to get all of the pizza spread around Pizzaville before animal control gets a hold of him with their robotic cages. Join Reggie and others such as Cheeky Pete and Suzie Coo as they navigate the streets filled with Pizza!

This course introduces sprites as part of the base game, with basic animation demonstrated for multiple objects in the game. Students explore creating a classic arcade game while introducing their own unique ideas through customization. Explore Java Programming from the ground up with the help of Java Processing,

Students in Java Pizza Bandit will be introduced to variables, objects, classes, loops, and key events to create effects of animation. Utilize the full power of Processing with Java in this beginner level course!

Sheep Herder

Course Description

Students will be challenged to create their own version of the game “Sheep Herder” over the course of 18 weeks or in a shorter twice weekly program. Sheep Herder is about a shepherd who is trying to avoid getting his flock abducted by aliens! Using the mouse and your wits, carefully dodge the UFO’s for as long as you can, perhaps until you as the programmer find a way to code in the ability to fight back! Sheep Herder uses the Processing environment found at and utilizes the Java programming language.

Notes about teaching styles and content focus

Programming Concept Development

In these courses, students learn and apply IF statements, variables, arrays, parameters, objects, functions, and loops to solve challenging programming puzzles like animation, chasing and collision detection.  In addition, students also learn fundamental math concepts such as coordinates (x and y value), inversion, inequalities and absolute values.

Math Fundamentals

Students at the Beginner level should now be familiar with numbers, and should quickly be able to grasp the concepts of coordinates. Our Beginner courses utilize problem solving through application to learn how integer mathematics can be used to move objects on the screen, and explore beyond.

Learn with the Experts at RP4K

Our Beginner Level Courses are taught by leading local teachers with many years’ experience in the education and programming fields. We work to create the ideal comfortable learning environment for young children as they hone their understanding of programming and become more confident in their use of computers.

To discover more about our Beginner course and our full range of computer programming courses, please contact our team today.

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