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Will an Online Summer Coding Camp Actually Work?

Published on July 27, 2020 | Posted in  

Parents are staring down two long months of summer with the kids at home. Even during a normal year, having children out of school while you still have to work is a big stress factor. What are you supposed to do with them for two months, right?

Parents have long relied on summer camps to keep kids engaged and active during the summer vacation – not to mention giving parents a brief but much-needed break. But this summer is going to be a bit different.

Many camps have already been cancelled, and parents are wondering how they’re going to keep younger kids and teenagers involved over the summer. Some are moving online, but parents are skeptical, and given the unprecedented changes everyone is facing, they have every right to ask questions.

Real Programming 4 Kids is offering its programming courses for kids online this summer. We’re already hearing feedback from parents, and we have every reason to believe kids can still get the most out of their summer coding camp this year. Here’s some of the feedback we’ve been getting about our online coding summer camp in Toronto:

“Much of the way COVID unfolded in North America felt abrupt. I am sure this sentiment is shared by many parents like myself who were required to transition their children's education and extra-curricular activities online. Some of those transitions were more successful than others. In our family's experience, Real Programming 4 Kids was the most successful transition, and their program continues to engage our son in ways that are even better than the in-person experience. He looks forward to his classes on Monday afternoons. He is 9 years old, and the teacher maintains his attention and curiosity throughout the class. I would not hesitate to continue these courses online in the future. RP4K has rolled out a program that is organized and engaging for the student.”

Effie K. Toronto, Ontario

June 5, 2020

Why Online Summer Coding Camps Work

Why Online Summer Coding Camps Work

Coding courses might have a slight edge over other activities when switching to virtual learning. Students are already learning on a computer, but there’s more to Real Programming’s success than the nature of coding classes.

First and foremost, the coding instructors at Real Programming have a passion for coding and teaching. They’re post-secondary students specializing in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. They can give students the inside scoop on what to expect as a programmer, and how they can prepare for a successful career in high school and post-secondary.

Then there’s the fact that our courses are limited to a maximum of four students. That equals more one-on-one time with instructors. Instructors can pay more attention to their students’ individual learning needs and motivate them to succeed.

Real Programming has also invested in two new pieces of technology designed to improve the virtual learning experience. Instructors use screen sharing software and a Learning Management System to offer the same experience students enjoy in the classroom. These are important tools that help instructors impart knowledge and make sure students progress, grasp core math concepts, and make the most of their time spent coding.

Children will need a microphone, and a camera is recommended but not required. Classes are interactive, and students get plenty of time to work with instructors and ask questions.

What Is a Learning Management System?

By using a Learning Management System for classes, students and parents can see overall course progress and, more importantly, enjoy better access to resources outside of the classroom. Virtual learning can be complemented with at-home learning opportunities throughout the week and between sessions.

Real Programming 4 Kids’ new summer coding camp culminates with a challenge to students to present their very own game at the end of the year. Ultimately, that’s what coding courses for kids are all about: giving them the tools and knowledge they can use to make their own video games.

The Advantages of Virtual Camp

Everyone’s disappointed about the cancellations this summer, whether it’s kids’ summer camps, family holidays, or even just a concert. But there are some advantages to virtual summer camps that can be convenient for families this summer and enhance the experience.

1) There’s No Commute

Camps and extra-curricular activities always had one downside: getting there on time and arranging pickups. The “kid commute” adds a fair amount of chaos to a day as parents scramble to get to lessons and then pick up their children without running late, usually trying to squeeze an errand or two in along the way. It’s an extra challenge and one that you don’t have to worry about with online summer camps for kids.

2) Kids Get to Develop a Unique Interest

Just because they can’t physically be in a classroom or camp with other kids and instructors doesn’t mean that summer isn’t still the perfect opportunity for kids to develop their own interests. In school, everyone has to follow the same curriculum. There isn’t as much room for creativity, and there are fewer opportunities for kids to explore their own interests.

Summer camps specialize in activities students may not get to try in school. It’s a chance for them to do something on their own and try out new interests without necessarily having their regular school friends and peers around to judge. Summer camp is an opportunity for them to explore and grow on their own, without many of the distractions that come with the regular school year.

Kids who want to learn how to make video games will have a blast learning how to code. It’s not something they’ll have a chance to learn in school. Children are naturally curious, and when it’s their own curiosity driving them to learn, they’ll focus more and pick up new skills faster.

3) Parents Get Some Time for Themselves

If you’re working from home, you already know how hard it is to find some time for yourself with the kids at home. Especially when it comes to younger kids, having something to keep their attention during the day can be a lifesaver. The great thing about summer coding camp is that it’s more than the time spent in class. Students can access class resources and work on their own projects on their own time. It’s something they’re going to want to work on.

Sign Up for a Free Trial Class

Want your child to consider a summer coding camp now that school’s out? You can find out if they’re interested in coding, and if virtual learning works for them with a free trial class. Students and parents have a chance to learn more about us through a free class with a Real Programming instructor. This is also a chance for the instructor to recommend which course your child should start with.

Coding summer camp is a chance for students to learn the fundamentals of computer programming and video game development. Real Programming has invested in new technologies that make online learning more engaging, and with small class sizes, students always get a chance to interact more with instructors. Sign up for a free trial class and find out if coding camp is the right choice this summer!

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