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Why Send Your Child to Coding Classes for Kids

Published on October 30, 2018 | Posted in  

Do you have a son or daughter you can’t peel away from the computer or a child that’s become interested in programming? You can help them nurture their love for technology and the web by enrolling them in coding classes for kids. The team at Real Programming 4 Kids has helped thousands of children nurture their gift for coding and development, securing their place in the future’s next talented team of programmers.

But you might be wondering more precisely what some of the immediate advantages are to sending your child to classes or coding camp for kids. That’s why we’ve collected a few insightful facts for you below.

10 Reasons to Invest in Coding Classes for Kids

  1. Coding Introduces Them To Problem Solving

Chances are if your child is old enough to surf the web and has developed an interest in computers, they’ve likely also learned how to solve basic math problems at school. But coding can help them take their skills to the next level. Classes that teach Python, Java, C++, and other languages can help them look at aspects of a problem from different points of view, building upon logic and key critical thinking skills.

  1. Code is One of the World’s Most Popular Languages

When it comes to programming and technology, code is more than just a means to an end: it’s one of the world’s most popular languages. This means that in order to be involved in today’s ever-expanding field of data and technology, you need to be able to speak the language. Computer coding is universal: it doesn’t matter if you’re from India, Canada, or South Africa, coding languages span all cultural and linguistic borders.

  1. Children Are Fast Learners

One advantage of getting your kids started early on their coding skills is that children are extremely quick learners, making them almost like little brain sponges in their adolescent years. Nowadays, it’s not surprising to see even the smallest children easily find their way around an iPad, so take advantage of it and start them on the path to learning right away.

  1. Coding Stimulates Creativity

Giving your children all the skills they need to express themselves is essential early on. Coding can be one of those tools: an almost limitless language they can use to express their ideas. Teaching them some of the basic coding languages by enrolling them in an introductory computer programming course can create a lifelong love of imagination and creativity.

  1. Enable Abstract Ideas to Take Concrete Form

It may sound a little out there at first, but coding allows your child’s more abstract ideas to take a form they can see, touch, hear, and feel. For example, they can use something that’s been on their mind to create a video game, or a problem-solving program. This experience is extremely eye-opening for children, almost like learning they’ve got their very own superpower.

  1. Stimulates Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is something children will have to do throughout their adolescent lives and well into adulthood. Coding helps kids think critically by forcing them to break down big problems into smaller ones to find a solution. This means they’ll have to learn how to stay organized and analyze many different issues, both tools they’ll greatly benefit from in the future.

  1. Directs Their Minds Towards Storytelling

By coding and using programs like Scratch children can see a whole new side of video games: the storytelling aspect. This not only enables them to develop a bit more appreciation for their favourite games, but also helps them think procedurally, arranging and organizing thoughts and ideas. This tool can be applied to programming projects down the road, as well as everyday problems in and outside of the classroom.

  1. Coding is Fun

Coding isn’t just all work, work, work. It can also be extremely fun. There is a wide range of languages and applications designed to introduce kids to programming. These take the basic concepts and skills and introduce them in a fun and interesting way. Projects involving Lego and robots often involve basic coding, but children have so much fun with them the often don’t realize it.

  1. Coding Creates Conscious Consumers

We live in a world bombarded by advertisements and full of technology that’s constantly changing. However, not everyone understands the ins and outs of what type of technology they’re using every day. But coding at an early age helps create more conscious consumers, helping children better understand how the products they use work, and why they’re so popular. This skill can come in handy later in life when they have their own children to think about.

  1. Boost Computational Skills

Do you have a child who’s struggling academically, say in math or science class? Enrolling them in a programming course might be a way to boost their academic scores. Coding and programming requires computational skills, many which easily transfer over to academics. So if you have a child who loves computers but struggles with their schoolwork occasionally, coding classes for kids could be an ideal solution.

Let Real Programming 4 Kids Inspire Your Young Programmer

If you’re thinking of sending your child to one of our in-depth programming classes or coding camps for kids, one of our staff members would love to speak with you to tell you more about them. For those who want to get a first-hand glimpse of what our courses are like, Real Programming 4 Kids offers a free trial class with no obligation.

To learn what past clients have said about us, visit our testimonial page, where everyone from parents to professors weigh in on how Real Programming 4 Kids has helped a child in their life. For more information about our courses, or to schedule your trial visit, contact our team today.

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