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Tips for Getting Kids Excited About Computer Programming Camps

Published on July 16, 2019 | Posted in ,  

Computer programming can be a great way for kids to develop their critical thinking skills, but it can be challenging for some parents to get their kids excited for computer programming classes. 

Let’s look at a few ways to engage children in the fun and excitement of learning coding skills.

Encourage Experimentation and Exploration

Children love to try new things and to explore the world around them. By trying new lines of code and experimenting with programming languages, they can create games and build environments. They will immediately see the impact the code has on their computer screen. 

Focus on Fun and Creativity

Kids rarely stick with activities unless they’re having fun and enjoying the moment. Make sure you emphasize the fun and interesting elements of coding. Show them how you can use code to change the colours in a picture. And how coding can be used to bring elements to life on the screen. 

Children will quickly learn the value of coding and have fun while exploring their own creative side.

Discover the Connection to Their Interests

Whether your child enjoys playing with Lego or playing sports outside, they will be able to connect their favourite activities to coding. For those kids who enjoy playing with puzzles, you can choose a computer programming camp that gives them a problem and explores the various coding solutions. Those who love to play with Legos can be given access to world-building tools that show them the unique value and explorational potential of coding.

There’s a style of programming for all types of child. Ensure kids try as many possible styles to find the right option for them.

Integrate Social Elements

Kids want to learn in an interactive environment. They want to be able to play with their friends and build on their knowledge while enjoying time with others. And so, you might consider asking other parents in your social circle about the potential for starting a coding group. Each child will then build their understanding of computer programming while making new memories with friends.

Coding skills can set your child up for a lifetime of fulfillment and lucrative job opportunities. Make sure you give them the tools they need. Contact our team at Real Programming 4 Kids today to learn more about the latest educational options for your child.

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