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Signs Your Child Needs Coding Classes

Published on January 12, 2021 | Posted in  

Parents want to sign their children up for fun and productive activities, but they don’t always know what they’ll enjoy. Most kids don’t identify their passion right away, and it can be difficult for parents to know before undergoing some trial and error.

On the other hand, activities like coding require certain skills and temperaments. If your child exhibits the following interests and abilities, or you want to help their development in these areas, then online coding classes for kids are right for them.

Drawn to Video Games

Don’t be alarmed if your child plays video games for hours: they could be preparing for a future career! Video games are like their own language, and many kids today are native speakers.

Games are designed to appeal to kids, but they can build them too. Many former RP4K students have gone on to work for Wind Jester Games, Microsoft, Shadow Blaze Games, and others. If your child exhibits patience, creativity, imagination, and an interest in video games, they’ll love learning to code.

RP4K teaches coding by getting kids to program their own video games. This approach keeps children so engaged that they don’t even realize they’re learning mathematical concepts like integers to trigonometry and 3D vectors.

Years ago, parents used to worry if their child was wasting too much time at the arcade. Today, kids can play video games at home safely, even during a pandemic, and the video game industry is now worth many billions of dollars a year.

Focus on Solo Projects

Some kids love belonging to a team, and some would rather accomplish things on their own. Many kids prefer a mix of these two approaches, whether they’re playing sports, doing school projects, or something else.

If your child takes to solo activities and can spend a considerable amount of time concentrating on a single task, they have the temperament required to be a coder. Many kids don’t want to play sports but need an extracurricular activity to keep them busy.

For such kids, coding is perfect, especially because learning to program is perfectly safe during a pandemic. We offer different types of courses available, suitable for every level of programming expertise, from total beginners to advanced.

They Are Ambitious and Responsible

Some kids know right away what they want to do, and coding is a gateway for a lot of distinguished and high-paying jobs. People who learn coding skills are well set up to program video games, become computer engineers, system’s manager for a company, and lots else.

In the way people sometimes get law degrees because they know it can open doors in other professions, the benefits of learning coding are transferrable and useful to many different careers. RP4K is proud to teach the coding languages that real professionals use every day. But the underlying skills we teach are broadly applicable.

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In terms of habits of mind, coders are often deeply analytical thinkers with the ability to think in different ways at the same time. Coding lessons teach skills like deductive reasoning or lateral thinking, but anybody who possesses some of these abilities is suited to learn to program.

It should be stated that young girls should be encouraged to learn to code! Historically, coding and many things to do with computers were male-dominated, a pattern that is still entrenched in society.

If your daughter shows interest or promising signs of learning to code, then online coding classes for kids may be for her. Our sessions have a maximum of four students per teacher, so your little girl will get all the attention and support she needs.

Looking for a Diversion

We are now the better part of a year into a pandemic. With so many indoor activities closed and people spending so much time at home, many people are looking for something new and interesting to keep them occupied.

Perhaps your child is built for coding, but maybe they’ll only realize it after experiencing it for themselves. Right now, you can book a free online 45-minute trial class to sample what our coding sessions are like. We recommend having parents sit in on the class to observe the course and how their child takes to it.

If you’re looking for a safe and practical way for your child to spend time, coding classes are a perfect choice.

They Enjoy Fun!

Who doesn’t like fun? This may sound a little obvious, but coding classes are designed to be enjoyable first and foremost. Coding may unfairly and inaccurately be associated with dry, strenuous thinking.

You don’t need to be a serious and aloof child prodigy to code. In fact, any child can learn to code, and doing so is fun. RP4K looks to hire younger teachers studying computer science or computer engineering because they can relate more easily to children.

We think it’s better to have teachers who grew up playing video games too, and have an immediate, first-person understanding of how kids relate to games. RP4K has been in operation for about 20 years, and we’re confident in our teachers’ domain knowledge — we’ve seen many former students go on to work as professional coders or study computer science in secondary education.

Central to RP4K’s philosophy is the idea that there’s no conflict whatsoever between learning to code and having fun! Young students often feel pressure to absorb skills that prepare them for the future or always be doing something productive.

As a parent, you want your child to be prepared for the challenges of the world, but they shouldn’t have to sacrifice childhood play to make it as an adult. We keep coding lessons fun, and that’s something every child enjoys.

Hollywood has perpetuated tropes about what people who like to code look like when really, everyone has what it takes to learn to code. If your child already has the raw talent that will make them an excellent coder, great! On the flip side, you can enroll your kids in RP4K sessions so we can develop these skills. Even if your child doesn’t use coding skills in their future professional life, we’re confident they’ll have a fun and stimulating experience learning to program.

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