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The Benefits of Online Coding Classes

Published on May 25, 2020 | Posted in  

Everyone’s getting a little more screen time these days, owing to the continuing social distancing measures implemented here in Canada and abroad. That screen time can be strictly for leisure — watching TV or playing video games. It can be for your work — hopping on a Zoom call or sharing projects over Slack. Or, as in the case of our new Online Coding Classes, it can be time for your kids to productively pursue new skills.

Whatever we use the screen for, it’s safe to say that the world has developed a newfound respect for the coding that goes into our screen time. Without savvy coders, many of whom started their education early, this lockdown would be far less manageable (and a lot less fun!). They are the architects of our current work, education and entertainment. And we can expect that, in the future, the demand for coding will only increase.

To that end, enrolling your kids in coding class sounds like a pretty great idea right now! Not only are kids eager for fun extracurricular pursuits right now, but also, as parents, you can feel proud knowing that your kids are learning applicable, usable, and widely sought-after skills. On this blog, we’ve discussed some of the benefits of learning to code:

  • Coding is another language, and learning it helps to strengthen both verbal and written communication
  • Coding helps kids understand how technology operates
  • It promotes logical thinking
  • It fosters experimentation and creativity
  • Children who know how to code are better at organizing their thoughts and tend to perform better academically
  • And coding promotes confidence, persistence, and resilience

In this article, however, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of online coding courses for kids. How can learning online prove advantageous, especially in these socially-distanced times? Let’s find out!

Make the Most Out of at-Home Time

Until we can all get outside again, the plain fact is that we have to make do with learning and entertaining ourselves indoors. Rather than this being a burden, however, it can be an opportunity for kids to pursue their passion. Many kids, regardless of age, love video games. And if they don’t love video games, they at least have an interest in computers. To make the most of their at-home time (and to extend their education beyond the online classroom), Real Programming 4 Kids offers school season coding courses online that run throughout the year, either on weeknights or weekends.

Let’s not lie, either — that little extra time to yourself, as a parent, is pretty great too. Supplementing your kid’s education with real world-applicable skill training not only sets them up for future success, but it gives you a little time on weeknights or weekends to focus on your own busy schedule. That way, you too can make the most of your at-home time.

Don’t Just Play Video Games — Learn How to Make Them

Another advantage of having online coding courses at your fingertips is that the “sell” is easy. While pitching your kids extra curricular education can sometimes feel like pulling teeth, it’s simple to get kids excited about making video games. Put it to them this way: they can have their screen time to play video games, but as a trade off they also have to learn how those games are created. It’s only fair!

Kids will happily jump at the opportunity to learn what goes into creating their favourite pastime. They’ll love learning the different languages — Alice, Visual Basic, Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and C++ — that fuel the exciting visuals and gameplay of their favourite games. And, as a reward for their curiosity and hard work, at the end of the course they will see on screen the results of what they’ve learned. For a young lover of video games, that’s the ultimate prize.

Learning at Their Own Pace

A general advantage of online learning, whether it’s for school or an extracurricular pursuit, is that kids are able to learn at their own pace. Removed from the pressure of measuring their progress against peers, learners are able to take time to digest new concepts, new languages and new practices. RP4K’s dedication to personalized experience, including a maximum of four students to an instructor, means that students will always have the attention of their instructors.

We understand that everyone’s different. Every student has different needs. Every student works at a different pace. And every student has their own aspirations for learning to code. With our new online camps for kids and school season courses, RP4K students will be challenged to complete weekly quizzes and assignments in addition to the material in our class sessions. And, at the end of the year, students are also challenged to present their own game. Throughout, they can set a pace for their own learning by using as much time as they see fit between class sessions to work on their material and project.

Focusing on Difficult Concepts

Another general benefit of online learning, similar to the one noted above, is that students can allocate their attention and energy to concepts they may struggle with. Just as every kid learns at a different pace, it’s also true that every kid is different in what they find easy, and what they find challenging. With online coding classes, kids can use their at-home time to learn the elements of programming they find hard.

Similarly, we offer optional content for those students that wish to take on additional challenges between lessons. Having integrated two new pieces of technology — a learning management system and screen sharing software — we’re able to provide the same attentive, small-class experience to ensure that your kid never gets left behind on concepts they find challenging, and never gets bored with a course they find easy.

Preparing for an Array of Exciting Careers

If social distancing measures have taught us something, it’s that a lot of modern work can (and likely will) move increasingly online. As virtual meetings replace in-person meetings, and a variety of industries and sectors embrace virtual settings, the demand for programmers will only increase. The benefit, therefore, of an online coding class is that it prepares kids for careers in two ways: by providing them the skills they need to become competitive in the workplace; and by adapting them to the virtual setting of the modern business world.

The more comfortable they are learning coding online, the more comfortable we hope they can become working online one day. Best of all, they can have fun while they do it!

online coding classes for kids

Easily Integrate at-Home Learning into Your Schedule

Finally, a benefit of online coding classes is that all the materials, tests and projects are localized right there in your own home, where you can see them. That means you can stay up-to-date with your kid’s progress, and can more easily integrate at-home learning opportunities beyond the classroom. Put simply, our online class takes Canada's #1 coding camp for kids and brings it to your home. Everything your kid needs will be at their fingertips, and everything you need to be involved with their programming journey is there for you to view.

If you’re interested in signing up for one of our online coding for kids classes, visit our website to fill out a form, or email us. As we all stay indoors, ensure your kid has the opportunity to learn new skills, develop critical thinking and problem-solving abilities and have fun — all at the same time, from the comfort of your home computer.

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