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Kids Can Learn Python Online: Find Out Why They Should

Published on September 9, 2020 | Posted in  

Python is one of the leading programming languages in the industry. It’s the world’s fastest-growing language in terms of popularity among software engineers, data analysts, mathematicians, and scientists – and the language is a great introduction to programming for kids.

In online coding classes for kids with RP4K, kids begin to learn real programming languages like Python right away. Coding classes should teach kids the languages that are being used in programming and video game development today. Kids have a remarkable capacity to pick up new languages, and coding languages are no different. You might be surprised how easy they find it!

But why start with Python? Python is a beginner-friendly coding language, and it often attracts professionals from fields not directly related to software and coding. It’s useful for tasks like data analysis and automation. Python scripts can be written to automatically perform tedious tasks like file management or managing Excel spreadsheets. That’s what makes the programming language so useful for professions like accountants and scientists. In addition to being used for web and mobile apps, Python can just make life easier.

Why Is Python So Popular?

There are hundreds of coding languages out there and several competitors at the top of the ladder, including C++ and Java, that can all be used to accomplish the same tasks. So why is Python gaining popularity so quickly?

1) Efficiency

Using Python, programmers can solve complex problems in less time. The language uses fewer lines of code than many other programming languages like C++ or Java. It’s fast, straightforward, and gets the job done.

2) Cross-Platform Capability

You can use Python to build apps in Windows, Mac, and Linux, so it’s versatile no matter what your set up is. Not only is that a matter of preference for experienced developers, but it’s also convenient for kids taking online courses at home.

3) Resources

Every programming language has an “ecosystem,” a resource pool of libraries, frameworks, and tools created by the programmers who use the language and share resources. Its popularity also means there’s a large community that can provide answers to your problems. You can even find guides to Python according to certain professions so that you can quickly find the answers you really need.

Anything you can do with Python can usually be done in another language, but Python provides a clean, beginner-friendly syntax that can help get the job done quickly and efficiently. Because of its versatility and popularity in fields outside software development, Python is in high demand among employers. Programming experience has quickly become a huge asset in the job market. The ability to code even basic programs can go a long way.

Can Kids Learn Python?

Kids as young as 7 can start to learn the basics of coding and quickly start to learn industry-standard languages like Python. Often some of our students have been introduced to coding through “drag and drop” software like Scratch. It’s a great start that often gives kids a desire to learn even more about coding, but it’s not the same as learning the real skills that go into programming.

Real Programming 4 Kids online coding courses for kids teaches programming through video games. They learn the concepts and languages they need in order to rebuild a video game from the ground up. They can even customize features as they go. Each game they program requires problem-solving, learning new math concepts, and improving their coding skills.

Courses are taught by instructors who tend to be working on an undergraduate or graduate degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or Game Design. They’re enthusiastic and knowledgeable about what their own students will need to pursue a career in programming. They can give students the inside scoop on what they’ll need to pursue programming in post-secondary and later. RP4K looks for instructors who are not just knowledgeable, but who can also impart that knowledge on their students. Plus, they have plenty of time to engage with students individually, thanks to our small class sizes.

Students who complete all of the courses wind up learning C++, C#, and programming with the Unity engine – all tools used in major video game studios today. But it all starts with Python, one of the most versatile and widespread programming languages used today.

Our coding classes for kids in Toronto and other locations around Ontario have moved online, so they’re easier to sign up for than ever. Online coding for kids classes still have a maximum size of 4 students.

If you’re not sure, you can start a free trial for your child. It’s the perfect opportunity for kids to see if coding is right for them, and it gives one of our instructors a chance to evaluate their current skill level and find the appropriate course for them to start.

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Famous Apps Made with Python

Since Python was first created in 1991, it’s been garnering fans for its simplicity and ease-of-use. It’s also been used as the backbone for some of the most commonly used apps today. Whether you know it or not, Python has almost certainly made an appearance in your day-to-day life, either at home or at work. Below are some of the most famous apps made with Python originally or in part.


An app you may have used at work, Dropbox is a cloud-based storage system that changed the way files are stored. Not only do many of Dropbox’s functions rely on Python, the company actually hired Python’s creator Guido van Rossum as an engineer to find a way to let Dropbox users share data.


What was once a DVD-mail service became the biggest threat to cable television when it launched its world-changing streaming service. One of the things that makes Netflix great is its ability to recommend your next watch based on its analytics engine, which has its roots in Python.


Like Netflix, the music streaming service uses Python for data analysis and its back end. Spotify changed the way people listen to music online and shook up the music industry. It uses Python because it’s fast and streamlined.


One of the heavyweights of the social media industry, Instagram has evolved considerably, but in its first iteration, it was essentially a website built on Django, a Python web framework. The Django framework is still used in Instagram today, and the company has invested considerably in keeping its Python deployment functioning at scale.

What Careers Can You Get with Python?

There are tons of careers you can get into with coding, including video game design and app development. But Python in particular is a good one to know outside of core programming jobs. These are some of the jobs where Python is a huge asset:

  • Data scientist: Python helps automate data fields, and data scientists have to mine huge amounts of information. Data scientists do a wide range of work, and Python has become an essential tool for the profession.
  • Economics and Stock Trading: The financial industry runs on data. Anyone working in quantitative finance analyzes large financial data sets to make predictions, and Python programs help them manage all those statistics.
  • Banking and Fintech: Banking is increasingly technological, as online banking and new payment solutions become increasingly popular.

Even beyond app development, Python is a useful coding language to know. Coding is one of the most important skills of the 21st century. You can give your kid a leg up for their future career by signing them up for coding classes online.

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