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Discover How C# Became the Ideal Computer Programming Language for Kids

Learning computer programming can help kids develop technical skills for the future. 

The goal could be to simply learn to move an object on-screen or build an entire game. C# has become an invaluable teaching tool in computer programming classes for kids, so let’s explore how the language developed and why so many teachers are now using it.

The Development of C#

C# was created in 2000 by Microsoft as a next-generation version of their C and C++ languages. The language is designed to be easy to use and has become the official language for the .NET framework. This means that C# is now the official Windows development language. In recent years, C# has been used to create applications for macOS and Linux. 

Why Is C# The Best Computer Programming Language for Kids to Learn?


  • C# Is Simple to Pick Up


Even for children who have yet to use a computer or take any computer programming courses, C# is considered simple to learn. Compared with C++ and C, children find they develop their understanding quickly when using C#. 

The language’s simplicity is related to it being object-orientated, which simplifies challenging concepts.


  • C# Has a Large Teaching Community


Students will also have a comprehensive catalogue of resources available when studying C#. The language is now taught via online videos and Microsoft’s extensive documentation. The resources online cover all aspects of C#, as well as all levels – from beginning to expert.   Real Programming 4 Kids also currently has two C# courses.


  • C# Is the Language for the Unity Game Engine


The free-to-use, Unity Game Engine has quickly become the standard product for game development. C# is the language used within the Unity Game Engine because it’s easy to learn and allows for a faster development process.


  • C# Is Used in .NET Development


C# is the best language for designing windows applications due to its integration within the .NET framework. Now, tools such as Visual Studio offer students a simple way to build high-performance applications for Windows and Windows mobile. 

Microsoft has also recently released its .NET Core, which is open-source software that allows cross-platform development for macOS and iOS, as well as other operating systems.

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