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Coding Gift Guide: The Best Holiday Coding Gifts for Kids

Published on December 14, 2021 | Posted in  

Learning to code is a gift that keeps giving because you can use these skills to keep spinning out new programs, websites, apps, and video games. However, your child is probably unwilling to accept this argument in place of an actual Christmas gift!

Let’s take a look at some great gift ideas that kids who code are sure to love.

1. Cozmo

What kid wouldn’t want their own little robot sidekick? Cozmo is the name of a miniature robot with big brains – the facial recognition software lets it identify people and remember names. Code Lab lets children access the robot’s core functionality, so they can exercise their imagination and have some fun while learning how to code.

Our coding classes for kids use gamification throughout the program to motivate and incentivize child learning, but there’s something to be said for letting kids play and explore on their own time, without a specific structure or purpose.

2. My First Coding Book, by Kiki Prottsman

If you’re looking for a book that teaches young children how to code without needing a computer, My First Coding Book is for you.

Children as young as six can enroll in online coding for kids classes, and a supplemental book that helps to teach fundamental programming concepts like algorithms, variables, and flowcharts using interactive paper engineering is a crucial tool.

It’s crucial to make programming fun for children, especially when they’re young. The last thing a parent or instructor wants to do is sour children on computer skills, so a clever, beautifully-designed book that helps draw children in is welcome indeed.

3. Coding Games in Python

Even children aged 9-12 with no experience coding can learn how to develop their own game using Python using this fun and straightforward book. All your child needs to do is follow the numbered steps to create games with music.

Once the game is complete, they can modify it according to their preference with other available tools. Coding Games in Python is a great book for introducing children to coding concepts like bugs and loops and how to fix them.

Python is one of the first languages RP4K teaches, but it never hurts to have extra reading material to reinforce the lessons from our sessions.

4. Take an Online Coding Class

The best way to get your child to learn how to code is to set them up with online lessons with our fun, expert teachers. Our online sessions are small, with a maximum of four students per class.

RP4K teaches real coding languages like Python, Java, JavaScript, C#, and C++. Kids as young as six can take lessons, and we teach high school students too.

We believe in making learning fun. Our lessons will teach children STEM skills and coding fundamentals, so they can go on to program video games, apps, or websites when they’re older. They can also be better prepared for jobs in a wide cross-section of industries. Whatever the future holds, our students have fun today.

5. little Bits

LittleBits allow children to turn their ideas into reality and make inventions to impress their friends. This fun, STEM skill teaching game is available in complete collections suitable for children of all ages and experience levels and for the home and classroom.

Just snap together the easy-to-use building blocks and begin inventing! This is a perfect way for kids to learn more about electronics and engineering from home.

6. The Lego Movie

Children and adults love all forms of Lego, even movies. The Lego Movie appeals to the little builder in all of us as engineers embark on a mission to save the world. Laughs abound, and so does the creative spirit.

Most movies about coding suitable for kids aren’t about how to build or program a video game. They often enlarge the atmosphere and accomplishments which those with STEM skills achieve, so they feature inventors, mathematicians, explorers, scientists, and more.

The Lego movie is perfect for young children, and parents are liable to love it too.

7. Coding Jam

If your child is looking to learn how to code and make some music, they’re in luck! Coding Jam lets kids aged 5-12 put together sequences of coding commands to make “explosive beats.”

Change the music by moving the Osmo Coding Blocks into different patterns to alter the harmony, rhythm, and melody. Share the song with friends, so they can hear your music and jam along with it.

Kids will learn about STEM skills and music! Kids will be motivated to improve their STEM skills when it’s tethered to making music. Of all the Christmas coding games out there, this toy would make for some of the best music kids could find under the tree.

8. Colorific Build a Bot: Unicorn

Now, kids of all ages can build their own unicorn bot using an easy click and create system to customize and bring their pet toy to life. Just snap together over 20 numbered pieces, decorate the toy with stickers, name your pet, then it’s time to play!

Kids can train their pet unicorn to walk, jump, or play using different commands. Just like classes with RP4K, your child will have so much fun learning about engineering and STEM skills that they won’t even realize they’re learning.

Any child can enjoy playing with unicorns, but they might hold extra appeal for young girls who have historically been excluded from STEM-related subjects. Society needs to do more work to make maths and sciences attractive for women — this toy could be an excellent first step.

Christmas time is always the most wonderful time of the year to spend with friends and family, but the right gifts make it better. If you’re a parent who wants their child to have some fun learning widely applicable skills, sign up for online coding classes with RP4K. You can also choose any of these gifts to help complement our courses and brighten up your child’s holiday spirit.

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