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The 10 Most Popular Coding Toys on the Market

Published on June 30, 2021 | Posted in  

Real Programming 4 Kids is proud to teach coding courses for children designed to be fun and prepare them for the workforce. Our teachers grew up playing video games themselves, and some instructors have gone on to code video games for companies like Microsoft in their professional lives.

In other words, RP4K lives for the fun of video games! But we know that coding is a big world, and there is more fun to be had out there. Please read on to learn about the top 10 coding toys you can find today.

Animal Island AILA Sit % Play Virtual Early Preschool Learning

Suitable for ages 1-8, this hands-free, subscription-free virtual playground is perfect for teaching young children critical learning skills. The toy combining hardware, software, and cognitive AI is the perfect way to introduce toddlers to problem-solving and critical learning.

It comes in a colour that kids love and will teach them about shapes, colours, and other basics, even if this is a little more like a basic computer than a toy per se.

Fischer Price Code ‘N Learn Kinderbot

Children ages 3-6 will love making this robot dance by entering strings of code! The cute robot teaches young children about colours, letters, and early math concepts.

It’s essential to find ways for kids to learn coding that don’t make them feel like they’re in school, especially when they are very young. RP4K always makes coding fun, but for kids as young as three, a fun robot is a fantastic way to get their STEM bearings before they’re old enough to join our sessions.

Fischer Price Code-A-Pillar

Kids as young as three will love this adorable toy that wiggles and moves differently depending on how the caterpillar’s segments are rearranged. The caterpillar is composed of segments that can be removed and reassembled easily in various ways to change the way the toy gets around.

Each part of the Code-A-Pillar lights up to indicate how it moves and acts. Because there are eight pieces, the toy offers many different combinations for endless fun.

This toy introduces kids to STEM skill basics, as coding is fundamentally about making the correct sequence and pattern. It also promotes skills like situational analysis and problem-solving.

The Sphero SPRK+ Programmable Robot Ball

The Sphero SPRK+ Programmable Robot Ball teaches kids five and up the basics of online and offline coding. At about the size of a baseball, kids can learn the basics of programming and other STEM skills by using the Edu Sphero App to program this toy.

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Let the ball navigate a sprawling obstacle course your child makes on the entire floor or in tighter confines like a table. This toy is sturdy and waterproof, which makes it great for kids.

Kano Star Wars the Force Coding Kit

Right now, in this very galaxy, there is a coding toy that teaches kids all about variables, loops, and variables. Connect code blocks and learn the basics about how to program.

We offer online coding camps for kids that teach children how to build video their own video game, but the Star Wars universe has captivated children and adults for years. It’s an excellent hook for learning to program: when your child can use hand motions to swing a lightsaber or raise an X-wing, they’ll be drawn to coding without even realizing that they’re learning.

Lego Boost Robotics

Lego is always amazing, but it’s even better when kids can use the pieces to build five different robots that they can then program using an iPad or Android tablet with the included app.

The age recommendation is between 6-12, but parents can play with it too. Alongside the Lego pieces come a few sensors and a central processing unit.

Code and Go Robot Mouse and Activity Set

This toy mouse game is excellent because it doesn’t require a computer or WiFi. First, children build a maze, then program Colby the mouse to find its end.

The toy comes with cards that children can follow to build the maze, or they can create their own from scratch. Kids as young as five can play this game, as no reading skills are required.


Unique out of all the toys so far, Cubetto is designed for kids as young as three, is made entirely of wood, and requires no screens at all. Of all the coding games and toys out there, very few are wooden.

Kids insert wooden “commands” or coding blocks into a board that controls how the wooden robot moves. It’s hard to find a game that shows children that young coding and programming skills that don’t require reading skills or a screen.

The instructors at Real Programming 4 Kids know to make classes fun and instructive, but toys like this are a great way to prepare children for our courses.


Augie is a cutting-edge coding robot that features augmented reality technology. With Augie, your child will have fun learning critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Fire up your child’s imagination and creativity with some playtime based on ultra-modern technology.

Coji from WowWee

Finally, there’s an adorable little bot named Coji, which kids can program using emojis controlled via tablet or smartphone! Some basic functions don’t even require a mobile device.

Put several emojis together to make a sequence that makes the bot move or play music. To take things even further, build if-then statements with the toy or use the accompanying app for a deeper and more absorbing experience.

Toys that help all children understand the basics of coding can be a helpful gateway to becoming a full-fledged coder one day. But the key thing is to ensure that kids have fun because the last thing any parent or teacher wants is to alienate them from the subject by making lessons too dry or rigorous.

If your child is too young for the RP4K coding boot camp or our weekly sessions, or if you’d like to augment these sessions with some fun instruction, check out any of these ten great toys.

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