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5 Popular Programming Languages in IT Right Now

Published on March 8, 2023 | Posted in ,  

To non-coders, it may seem like there is one thing called “computer programming” or “coding” that is merely one skill. In reality, there are multiple coding languages, each one with its own rules and syntax.

Some coding languages are more useful for certain applications than others. Knowing one doesn’t guarantee you can write code for others. Just like knowing how to speak, understand, and write in English doesn’t mean you comprehend Mandarin.

RP4K is proud to teach exciting, in-demand coding languages that set up students nicely for further study, the workforce, or going it alone as an independent coder. Let’s look at some of the coding languages popular in Information Technology today.


RP4K is proud to teach JavaScript in our programming courses online, a high-level programming language and a pillar of the World Wide Web. It is still used as a client-side programming language in 97.8% of all websites. Naturally, a coding language that popular doesn’t have to qualify itself as relevant — how could it not be?

JavaScript was used only for web browsers at first, but it’s now used for server-side website deployments and non-web browser applications too. JavaScript has come a long way since 1995, when it was known as LiveScript. It was initially known as a “younger brother” of Java but has evolved into its own independent language.


RP4K has proudly taught in-demand coding languages like Java since our founding over 20 years ago. Java is a general-purpose programming language whose object-oriented structure is now the standard for applications across platforms. Its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) capabilities let coders create one set of code for their program to work on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, and more.

More than three billion devices run apps that run on Java. And it’s used in both application and web development, as well as big data. You’ll also find Java on the backend of websites like Amazon, Google, Twitter, and YouTube.

The online Java community is large, so coders have lots of resources they can look to for support when they’re not in RP4K sessions.


C# may look like a musical note, but it’s also an object-oriented programming language developed by Microsoft in the 2000s. The .NET framework runs on C#, but it’s best suited for applications on Windows, Android, and iOS.

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C# is distantly related to C++, but they’re quite distinct. RP4K has taught C# to more advanced students with excellent results over the years. C# is a popular coding language because it’s interoperable, open-source, object-oriented, and there’s an extensive library.

Learning how to write code in C# gives students a powerful tool that will help them in IT, should they choose to go that route or in whatever else they’re looking to do.


C++ is the enhanced version of one of the oldest and most popular coding languages, C. It’s common for students to skip C and start with C++, which is RP4K’s approach, though both languages are used widely in computer science and computer programming.

C++ is useful for developers because it uses compilers for many platforms, making any app developed in C++ largely transportable. C++ is a high-performance language, so it’s often used when performance is essential. This can include client/server applications, commercial products like Adobe or Firefox, and video games.

RP4K puts video games at the centre of what we do, as our sessions revolve around teaching students how to design and code video games they can play and show off to friends and family. Kids love playing games and love video games even more.

We know that children and teens learn better when they’re highly motivated and engaged. Creating and programming video games let their imagination run wild. We also leverage gamification dynamics to make creating a video game its own type of game.

Your kids will have a lot of fun designing and playing video games, whether they’re written in C++ or any of the other languages we teach.


Finally, RP4K teaches one of the most popular coding languages in IT to our young coders just starting their journey, Python. Python is often used to build websites and software because it’s perfect for automating tasks and conducting data analysis.

As a general-purpose language, it can be used to create multiple different programs and isn’t specialized for any specific problems. Its versatility and beginner-friendly nature make it one of the most used coding languages worldwide today.

Deciding to make Python your first coding language is a great way to dive into computer programming. Kids learn to write code using an industry-standard language rather than a drag-and-drop program that resembles a coding language but never gets used by professionals.

Children learn fundamental coding concepts like if statements, lists, arrays, objects, understanding data types, and more. They also learn mathematical concepts, such as BEDMAS calculations, linear algebra, vectors, and even trigonometry! RP4K was started by a mathematician, and we’re proud to put core math skills into our coding lessons.

Python is an excellent launching pad to show kids how to create a video game they can play with friends and relatives. It’s also a coding language used for popular apps like Netflix, 2D imaging software, 3D animation software, and even Cinema 4D. As a fundamental coding language programmers tend to learn early, Python remains a popular coding language in IT today.

RP4K emphasizes kids having fun above everything else. Yes, kids will develop skills that employers will look for one day, and the computer abilities they hone can serve them well in later grades and beyond. However, nothing is more important than ensuring kids have a fun, safe, exciting experience learning how to write code!

Our small classes, with a maximum of four students per session, provide the perfect environment for teaching your child the coding languages IT professionals rely on daily. Even if they never pursue IT and decide against entering any of the many doors computer skills open, RP4K’s online coding courses ensure kids have fun today learning the above five computer coding languages.

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