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Understanding the RP4K Elite Program

Published on October 18, 2022 | Posted in ,  

It can be hard to answer what sounds like a straightforward question: how good are you at coding? In sports, athletes play at a certain level and move up or down as they win or lose. Chess players get an official rating that rises and falls depending on their tournament play.

In coding, programmers advance through RP4K classes until there’s nowhere higher to go. Non-coders may not appreciate the difference between what it takes to learn Python versus C++ or the various skills required to thrive within each coding language. Fully grasping what separates a good from a great coder takes some inside technical knowledge.

Parents who don’t know how to code may not know which class to pick. Let’s take a closer peek at the RP4K elite program to appreciate the most advanced coding classes we offer.

Elite-Level Programmers

RP4K’s most elite-level course features classes in C++ and C# and draws on everything students learn in prior courses. Our students learn component-based programming, techniques, and methods used by industry professionals.

Usually, students at this level are between the ages of 15-17, though this isn’t a hard rule.

Once advanced-level graduate programmers are totally comfortable with object-oriented and all other previous fundamentals, they can thrive in our elite course. The problem solving improvements students have made since taking the earlier courses will serve them well here.

RP4K gives coders at all levels the right type of support and stimulation, from beginner to expert. We stress fun most of all, as kids need to enjoy learning computer skills, so they stay motivated to develop and don’t turned off by dry, stiff courses.

We make a fun coding curriculum by putting video games at the centre of all our lessons. RP4K always strives to make the sessions enjoyable. That’s why we put video games at the centre of all our lessons. But we’re serious about children learning math and problem-solving skills on the way to becoming excellent computer coders.

The games we teach our students help us to achieve both objectives.

What Games Do They Build?

There’s a major difference between dipping your toe in a coding language and diving into the deep end.

Elite RP4K students learn about models, textures, materials, and component-based programming to make exciting games that are genuinely fun to play. In the game Endless Runner, students control a robot that runs endlessly in a three-dimensional space, avoiding obstacles in their path.

If you’ve ever seen the game Temple Run, it’s kind of like that! The player sees the main character’s back as he runs forward, encountering objects to overcome programmed by the coder. To design it, students also learn about functions specific to C#, like prefabs, parenting, lists, delegates, tags, and coroutines.

RP4K’s Game Engine course is for our most experienced students who want to learn all there is to know about making a gaming engine. Students use an industry-standard platform to build their game, one they’ll see in workplaces in later years should they pursue video game coding professionally.

At this elite level, students get the chance to version control and create efficiently and apply smart programming practices and techniques that are standard in the industry. After learning about rotating in three dimensions, matrices, vectors, and linear interpolation, students will be valuable to video game studios.

Many former RP4K students have worked for companies like Microsoft or Blizzard. Even if your child decides against becoming a professional video game developer, tons of jobs open up to applicants with advanced computer skills. Indeed, students here will apply university-level mathematics concepts to build their games, like 3D mathematical transformations.

Check out our school season coding program and sign up for the time slot that works best for your child’s schedule. We offer a selection of times that should accommodate your needs.

Any Questions About Where Your Child Belongs?

RP4K is very serious about ensuring your child selects the right program for them. If you have a lot of experience coding, you may not know which of our ten courses is right for you. If you’re unclear, don’t hesitate to call or email us!

Our phone number is (877) 307-3456, or you can write to us about your concerns or questions at We offer free trial lessons, so students and parents can participate and observe a class and see if it matches their level of skills and experience before formally enrolling.

You can also see recordings of classes online, which gives parents and students a picture of what to expect.

Why RP4K?

Unlike a lot of the classes that shifted to online during the pandemic, RP4K has been in operation for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve developed and refined a proprietary curriculum after learning what has and hasn’t worked.

Our coding classes for kids offer small classroom environments with a maximum of four students per teacher. There’s also no mandatory minimum, so your session will run as scheduled, even if your child is the only student.  

guy hard at work at a laptop, coding

RP4K was founded by a mathematician, and we’re proud to embed fundamental math concepts into our coding classes! Right from the beginning, when children learn to code, they’ll also learn about mathematical concepts like integers, vectors, and even trigonometry. By the time students make it to the elite program, they’ll know mathematical concepts that give them a leg up in the classroom.

Young kids should use computers and have fun learning the basics. RP4K proudly makes learning how to program fun for kids by making classes revolve around video games. For older, more elite students trying to master coding, the story changes. If your child has absorbed the material in all our more basic classes and they’re ready to reach the peak of coding, sign them up for RP4K’s elite program! We look forward to seeing you there.

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