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Understanding the Importance of Programming to The Modern World

Published on June 15, 2019 | Posted in ,  

"Why send my child to computer coding camp?  Aren't there more important things they can do in the summer, besides sitting at a computer?"

We hear this objection a lot, and it's certainly understandable.  A lot of parents already fear that their children are spending "too much" time working with electronics and want to reduce screen time.  However, that's not the direction that the world is going.  Computers are of almost unimaginable importance to the modern world, and the children who best understand computers are going to be the ones positioned to succeed.

In the years to come, knowing programming really is going to be one of the most important job skills a person might have - and computer coding camp can give kids a big head start!

Why Learning Computer Programming Is So Important Today

When people say that computers "run" our lives, they are only barely exaggerating.  Pretty much every aspect of our day-to-day lives utilizes computers in a major way.  Shopping is computerized.  Banking is computerized.  Communications, entertainment, industry, productivity...  name any economic activity in the developed world, and computers are the workhorses keeping it running.

And what keeps the computers running?  Programming!  No computer does anything without code telling it what to do, and how to do it.  Every time a grocery store needs a new inventory system, or an HR department needs a new way to track employee benefits, that's work done by a programmer.

Nor is this trend slowing down.  No, it's only accelerating.  Use of robots and "artificial intelligence" is growing at an exponential rate.  More and more operations are now relying on computers and robots, of some sort, to keep themselves moving and growing.  Those robots and AIs, also, cannot do anything without human programmers teaching them what to do.

Knowing how to program isn't simply a way to become "a programmer."  All manner of employers and industries need people capable of understanding computers and their functions.  Having a background in programming is a huge boon to any employee looking for a job - it's a big added bonus for their employer.

Plus, of course, there's the issue of job safety.  People across many fields fear being displaced by robots doing their job.

But not the programmers.  They'll always be needed.

RP4K Gives Your Child A Head Start

We're now taking applications for our twentieth annual summer computer coding camp!  Contact us for a FREE trial class.

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