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Teach Your Kids How to Code this New Year

Published on January 13, 2020 | Posted in , ,  

Human history of making New Year’s resolutions dates as far back as 4000 years ago by the ancient Babylonians where they made promises to the gods to repay their debts. The ancient Romans were the ones who began to look to the past and make promises to the god Janus that they would do better. For early Christians, New Year’s Eve was a period of reflection and prayer where one thought about their past mistakes and resolved to do better in the New Year.

Somehow, humans have held on to this tradition, though it’s become more focused on self-improvement and less to do with making up for past mistakes. While a number of people don’t always go through with their New Year’s resolution, it’s still a good idea to make one, especially if it’s something that you can really tangibly do for yourself.

For example, deciding to learn a new skill is a great choice for a resolution because it’s very specific and achievable, especially if you sign up for a class to learn it. In contrast, if you make a resolution to “eat healthier” this can be incredibly difficult to do without a very strict plan in place.

Do your kids know about New Year’s resolutions, and do they try to make their own? If you want your children to learn a new skill, now’s the time to get started. You can get them motivated by making it a family activity – everyone can have a resolution and agree to stick it out throughout the year.

Coding Classes for Kids

At Real Programming 4 Kids we teach computer programming to children ages 7 to 18 in small class sizes of four students per instructor. Our hands-on approach ensures that every student gets the attention they need and that they can work at a pace that’s suitable for them.

We make learning to code fun with courses that involve learning real math and programming languages through the creation of video games. While other video-game design camps out there will rely on drag-and-drop game making software to teach programming, this method actually requires minimal programming knowledge.

At Real Programming 4 Kids, your child will learn real standard programming languages like Visual Basic, Python, Java, C#, C++, and Unity. Our goal is to offer a challenging but fun environment for our students so that they grow, learn, and enjoy the process along the way.

If you’re thinking of signing your kids up for classes where they can learn a new skill this year, why not consider coding classes? Coding classes are especially great for kids who love to use computer technology or who love to play video games.

Worried that computer programming might be too hard for your children to learn? Many people perceive this subject as something you learn in your senior year of high school or in University or College. The reality is, though, that coding is in fact very easy to teach to children and actually a highly useful skill for them to have.

Coding is becoming a necessary literacy in our day in age as technology becomes more and more a part of our world and everything we do. It’s virtually impossible to not interact with technology in our modern world. Whether you’re using a computer, smart phone, television, driving a vehicle, or even adjusting your thermostat, technology is there. And in order for that technology to work, it needs to be programmed first.

summer coding classes for kids

But technology goes beyond just simple conveniences that we’ve come to rely on in our day-to-day lives. Scientific and technological innovations are shaping our world every day and in every industry; healthcare, manufacturing, farming, education, you name it. Your child is growing up in this world and will continue to use and be exposed to technology more and more each passing year.

But there’s a difference between just passively using this technology versus actually understanding how it works. Teaching your kids how to code will give them a huge advantage in their lives simply because it will give them the knowledge to understand the technology that they use day to day.

And it is definitely easy to learn, especially when your kids are given the right learning environment. Not convinced? Check out our Real Programming 4 kids reviews and see for yourself what a difference our classes has made for the lives of children through a range of ages. There are a number of success stories where a child enrolled in our coding classes has gone on to pursue computer programming beyond our doors.

The Advantages of Learning How to Code

One of the most obvious advantages to learning how to code is the opportunity it presents. There are a number of career paths for kids that know how to code including:

  • Software Application Developer
  • Web Developer
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Computer Programmer
  • Network System Administrator

…and many more. These are all high-paying jobs that are currently in high demand and the demand will just continue to grow. If you get your kids learning how to code now, you’ll be giving them an advantage down the road – plus, it’s always a great skill to add to a resume, as well.

But the advantages of learning computer programming aren’t limited to just a career that direct involves computers. During our classes, your kids will learn a number of skills as they apply their coding techniques and perform simple to complex mathematics while creating their video games.

Each of our courses is like a hidden math lesson where the child uses math and coding to create the world of their game. Learning math is always a great skill to have and can be used for jobs in a number of industries. But that’s not all – your kids will also learn some valuable life skills as well.


The purpose of using code and creating a program is to produce a set of desired results. This process involves troubleshooting and experimentation where mistakes are made and lessons are learned. It’s all about thinking about how to use code to solve a problem, and how to solve the problem of getting the code to work for you.

Creative Thinking

While learning how to problem-solve, your child will also be using their creativity to think of solutions. But besides this, they will also simply be able to literally create the video game that they are working on, which of course exercises their creative thinking.

Computational Thinking

Being able to structure your thoughts and logically lay them out is the basis of computational thinking. This thought process helps with problem solving and can be used for pretty much anything.


While learning how to code, your kids will come across a number of challenges. Overcoming these challenges by not only teaches them persistence but it also helps them develop their confidence.

Being able to achieve goals, learn new things, and also see their work come to life on the screen will help them feel great about the things they are learning and about themselves.

Start Today

Interested in signing your children up? Take a look at our introductory computer programming course for kids where they will learn the fundamentals of computer programming. We have classes all year around and in multiple locations throughout Ontario including Kitchener Waterloo, Toronto, Etobicoke, and more.

So this New Year, sign your kids up at Real Programming 4 Kids – you’ll begin to see the advantages of doing so sooner than you’d think.

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