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Some Great Ways to Encourage Computer Programming for Kids

Published on December 10, 2018 | Posted in  

If you're looking to encourage your child to take up a hobby that could genuinely turn into a career later in life, few things could be better than computer programming for kids.  In years to come, demand for programmers is only going to grow.  It's one of the few fields which will be immune to AI or robotics takeover because the programmers will be the ones making the robots!

The best part is that if your child has any interest in computers, smartphones, tablets, or the games played on them, you've already got a starting point for developing an interest in programming.  There are numerous tools and toys out there which can help with this.  These are some of our favorites.

Some Resources That Help Teach Computer Programming for Kids is by far the largest and most popular website aimed at teaching programming.  It contains extensive programming resources, as well as providing hosting space to store your children's creations.  With millions of teachers and students making use of it, it's an excellent starting point for young coders of almost any age.

Code Academy

Code Academy is another terrific website, aimed at a slightly older audience.  You might think of it as the "graduate" version of, with a focus on teaching middle- and high school children real-world programming languages.  What they learn from Code Academy could easily translate straight to work experience.

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Another great way to encourage computer programming for kids is with summer coding camp!  Reservations are limited, so contact us quickly for more information.

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