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How to Pick Online Coding Courses at RP4K

Published on July 13, 2021 | Posted in  

You probably hear a lot about how children should learn how to program computers because they’re the future. This is true! But parents may struggle to know precisely what their children need to learn, especially if they (the parents) don’t know much about computer programming.

Where exactly should kids begin? How does the student’s age impact course selection? What is the actual booking process like?

RP4K offers a free 45-minute trial lesson, so if you’re unsure about which online coding for kids course is the most appropriate for your child, sign up and test the waters! The following course descriptions should give you a general idea of the most appropriate class for your child.

The First Step of Coding Classes

Introducing children to a concept when they’re young really helps them absorb the information. Children suck up spoken languages at a young age, and they can learn coding from an early age too, which is also a type of language.

RP4K offers some of the most basic programming for kids as young as age seven to nine with introductory classes. Our team gives young children the fundamental computer skills they need by introducing them to basic programming concepts, even if they aren’t totally familiar with using computers.

Young children with no computer or programming experience at all can learn new skills and create, explore, and play around in this new world. We are proud to teach kids how to use Alice 2.4, an object-oriented, open-source system developed by Carnegie Mellon University.

At RP4K our kids coding courses teach a drag-and-drop interface that lets students create full-fledged three-dimensional environments filled with objects and characters they can easily program themselves. Children will learn code placement and problem-solving skills and built their foundation of computer skills.

Beginner and Beginner+ Level: Python and Java, Ages 9-11

Once kids have absorbed the fundamentals, they can begin learning Processing in real coding languages, such as Java and Python. If your child is comfortable using computers but is new to programming or has graduated from the introductory program, this course is for them.

Children will make programs from scratch using images and sounds created for RP4K. The course emphasizes core coding concepts, not distracting computer skills like file-folder navigation or file paths.

Kids will learn how to really code using Python, how to work with existing code features and make their own. It will even subtly introduce them to the Pythagorean theorem. After completing the course, kids will be able to complete our base material and experiment with customization.

Factors like your child’s typing skills, communication skills, and interpersonal skills may affect pacing, so be mindful.

Developing Level: Age 11-13

In the Polar Peril course, students create another game using Java and the Processing tool. Polar Peril features problem-solving skills and involves mathematical concepts like slope, logical statements, loops, arrays, and more.

Students start making the game from scratch and end up customizing it beyond the RP4K version.

Intermediate: Python, Java, JavaScript, C# — age 13-15

If you need coding classes in Toronto appropriate for teenagers aged 13-15, RP4K’s intermedia class is perfect. Students learn how to use Python, Java, JavaScript, and C#., so they’re comfortable using several languages professionals use to the point they can apply their knowledge in new learning environments.

Introducing them to object-oriented programming is a game-changer as it lets them store programming data in a software bundle, building programs that are much more efficient coding methodologies.

Plus, students also learn about math fundamentals like angles, vectors, and trigonometry, so they can make objects move across a two-dimensional plane or improve collision in their programs.

Advanced Level: Java, Android (Java), and C++ — Ages 15-16

RP4K’s Advanced Level Course features lessons in Java, Android (Java), and C++, in which the object-oriented lessons from the preceding class are taken even further.

High school students experienced in object-oriented programming are well-suited for our Advanced Level Course. The programs students create are made entirely from scratch, except for the RP4K Custom Mod for Minecraft.

Minecraft is the most popular video game of all time, with over 200 million copies sold — teens will love making custom modifications! Note: students taking this course must purchase a copy of Minecraft.

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Credit: Christina via Pexels

Students also create weapons and place them efficiently to annihilate an oncoming hoard of zombies before they wreak havoc on the town in a game called Tower Defense, which runs on Java Android Advanced. In the side-scrolling game Haunted Harbour, a character (Victor) moves from one end of the map to the other, shooting and vanquishing enemies along the way. Haunted Harbour runs on Advanced Visual C++.

Concepts like camera manipulation, chasing algorithms, reading and writing to text files, and more are learned and expanded upon.

Elite Level — 16+

In our most advanced course, students learn C++ and Unity (C#). Students learn 3-D models, textures, materials, component-based programming and professional programming techniques. Crucially, students also engage specific functions for C#, like prefabs, parentings, lists, tags, delegates, and coroutines.

After mastering rotating in three dimensions, matrices, vectors, and linear interpolation, students will have the skills the job market is looking for.

How to Enroll

It’s crucial to ensure your child is in the right class with suitably challenging lessons and peers with a similar range of experience. Try our free class as an assessment tool, as we intentionally do not have an online automated registration process.

We know that the extra time it takes to slot your child in the right program will pay off as they find the sweet spot between course material that challenges but doesn’t overburden them, surrounded by a small group of peers (RP4K classes have a maximum of four students) in the exact same position.

For years, parents have known that whatever the future holds, it will likely be written in code. There’s nothing new about wanting kids to learn how computers work to have some fun and be ready for the future jobs, but online coding classes from home with expert teachers and small groups are also safe for COVID-19. Make sure you find the right coding course for your child — we look forward to seeing you!

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