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How to Find the Ideal Summer Coding Camp for Kids

Published on June 17, 2019 | Posted in ,  

It’s the time of the year to start thinking about summer coding camp options for your kids. But, with so many camps offering a great range of choices, how do you decide the right option for your child? Well, we’re here to help explain the selection process with a quick guide to finding that ideal summer coding camp.

Ask other parents

You can start the process by speaking with other parents about the summer coding camp their kids have joined for the summer. You can often find camp options that are not as widely known by speaking to parents in your social group.

Look into local educational faculties

Another option for finding a summer coding camp could be to call local educational facilities. Speak with administrators at local high schools, universities, and community colleges about the range of course options for kids.

Choose based on your child’s learning level

Your child might be just starting to learn about coding or they may be more experienced. Make sure the summer coding camp chosen matches their level to help them improve upon their skills.

Questions to consider when choosing a summer coding camp

When you’re speaking with other parents and those at schools throughout the area, you’re likely to find a number of course options, so make sure you have questions ready. Consider the following questions when you’re choosing a coding camp:

  • How long has the camp been offered?

If it’s a new coding camp you might be hesitant to sign your child up. Ensure the program is well-constructed and has helped kids achieve proven results in the past.

  • Do the teachers have a professional background?

The coding teachers should have some level of technical experience, both in teaching and in coding. Ask about their experience levels and find out whether they meet your expectations.

  • What do kids learn in the camp?

There are a number of different coding camp learning options. For example, some camps teach kids the basics of game design, while others teach children how to program software. Review the camp’s course materials and ask if they have samples you can view online.

Our educators at Real Programming 4 Kids can offer your child the perfect summer coding camp experience. We keep classes small so that kids get one-on-one time with the instructor. We also offer a number of class scheduling options for kids aged 7-17.

To speak with our team about our summer coding camp, call now!


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