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Four Reasons to Teach Computer Programming for Kids in Ottawa

Published on December 30, 2018 | Posted in  

There is no shortage of hobbies and skills you might encourage your child to take up - have you considered computer programming?

Few activities could be more all-around beneficial to a child's development than learning computer programming for kids in Ottawa.  Programming can bring big boosts to their cognitive development, as well as teaching a skill that they could carry with them for the rest of their lives!

Four Ways That Computer Programming for Kids in Ottawa Is Beneficial 

  1. Learning problem-solving skills

Programming is all about finding ways to solve problems.  Programming teaches them how to examine problems from multiple angles, break those problems down into component parts, and start developing a step-by-step plan for overcoming the problem.

That's a skill that can translate into ANY area of life, and it's a skill your child could never outgrow.

  1. Encouraging creativity

Why encourage your child to only take up one specific aspect of the arts - like painting or a musical instrument - when they could learn a skill which embraces all of the arts?  No matter their area of artist interest, programming can foster and develop those artistic skills.  Art, music, animation, writing, acting...  programming enables it all.

  1. A genuine job skill

So many of the hobbies a child or teen might pick up are useless in the real world - but that's not the case with programming!  The demand for programmers is only going to go up and up in the years ahead.  A child who learns programming now could already be a programming wizard by the time they graduate school, and that means they could walk straight into a job at any number of companies.

Better yet, there will be programming jobs to fit almost any area of interest.  Robotics, video games, engineering, industrial automation, space exploration...  the possibilities are nearly endless.

  1. Children learn best

Sometimes we hear parents ask whether their child is "too young" to learn programming but, honestly, there's barely such a thing.  A child as young as 7  could start picking up the basics.  Children's brains are actually better suited to learn complicated tasks like programming, compared to the minds of teens or adults.

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