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Four Big Reasons Why Kids Should Learn to Program

Published on May 4, 2019 | Posted in  

What's the most valuable single real-world skill a child could learn, one which would serve them well outside of school - into college and into their careers?  There are a lot of potential answers, but it's hard to think of a better answer than programming!

Computer programming is an incredibly useful skill for anyone to have, and courses teaching video game programming for kids can easily impart that skill.  If you're looking for an area of study that your child should embrace, coding makes a lot of sense.

Four Reasons Why Programming Is A Great Skill for Kids to Learn

  • Every industry needs programmers

Even if a child attends a course teaching video game programming for kids, that doesn't mean they are going to grow up to make games.  Programming is an extremely portable, transferable skill - one which can be applied to almost any industry on earth.  Every business uses computers, and that means businesses need employees on staff who can make those computers do new things.

  • Programming lets children turn ideas into reality

These days, there's very little that a person can't accomplish with a computer, and maybe a robot.  It's easy for a kid to have a great idea, maybe even a world-changing idea, but do they have any way of implementing it?  If they know programming, it's a lot more likely that the answer to that question will be "yes!"

  • Programming is easy for children to learn

You've heard that children have an easier time learning languages than adults, right?  Well, that holds true for computer languages as well!  In the same way, a grade-school child will have a much easier time learning French or Japanese, they'll also have an easier time learning C++ or Python.  Further, there are a multitude of teaching tools and techniques that further streamline their coding education. This is the best time in their life to learn programming.

  • Programming reduces blind reliance on computers

Have you ever been concerned about how much "magic" technology seems to surround us, or the way that so many kids seem to just take things like smartphones for granted?  When a child knows programming, they understand how those devices operate!  For them, it's not "magic" tech.  They know the limitations of that technology, as well as how to make it work for them.

In a world where too many people blindly do whatever their computer or cellphone tells them to do, that gives your child an additional level of independence.

Real Programming For Kids (RP4K) Teaches Video Game Programming for Kids

Our game-based coding classes emphasize real-world transferable programming skills, but with a focus that children love.  Contact us to learn more about our classes and coding camps!

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