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Four Big Benefits to Sending Your Child to Summer Coding Camp

Published on November 15, 2018 | Posted in ,  

It's not too early to start thinking about how your child spends their next summer vacation - particularly if you're thinking summer camp.  Summer camps can fill up quickly - and the most popular options are usually also the ones which provide the most long-term benefits to children.  Options like summer coding camp.

Coding camps are booming in popularity and for good reason!

If you think a summer camp is in your child's future next year, here are some reasons from our team at Real Programming 4 Kids to make it a summer coding camp!

Four Benefits A Summer Coding Camp Will Bring to Your Child

  1. A genuine job skill

Arts and crafts are fine, but a child's interest in the arts rarely turns into a career.  On the other hand, computer programming is one of the boom industries of the 21st Century.  Any child graduating high school and college with programming skills is going to be well-positioned for a lucrative lifelong career.

2 - Learning independence and empowerment

Summer camp is great for empowering students in general, but coding camp takes that a step further.  Someone who knows how to program can make computers work for them, and do almost anything. Programming is genuine empowerment.

  1. Let their geek flag fly

If your child is really "into" computers, video games, robots, or other technology, they may have trouble expressing that in their regular school life.  Sadly, such things are still looked down upon by a lot of students. However, a coding camp, they'll truly be among their own. They'll be in a place where their interest in technology is embraced and encouraged, rather than being shunned.

  1. Make lifelong friends and connections

One remarkable aspect of the programming industry is how often companies start with a handful of friends deciding to work on a project together.  The friends your child meets today could easily become their business partners in 5-10 years. Those are the sorts of partnerships that are likely to last and help them succeed in the business world.

We’ll be taking summer registrations as of Feb 2019 - Don't Wait!

If you know that summer coding camp is right for your child, now is the time to reserve your spot this summer.  Contact us today!


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