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Five Ways Summer Coding Camp Can Benefit Your Child

Published on August 7, 2018 | Posted in ,  

Summer is here, and that means your child is going to sit around for three months staring at their smartphone... right?

Not if you send them to summer coding camp!  

Tech camps are growing in popularity across the country because they can deliver real benefits to children, the sort of benefits that can truly last a lifetime.  This is about more than just giving your child something to do in the summer to keep them occupied.  You could be helping them discover a new passion and get a leg up on their future career.

Here are a few things to think about.


Five Reasons Why Summer Coding Camp Is A Great Choice


  1. Start them down a genuine career path.

Programming and software architecture are booming industries, growing exponentially year after year.  Are you concerned about your child getting displaced by robots and AI in the future?  Ensure they're the ones programming the robots and AI! 

  1. Turn a hobby into a passion.

Most kids love video games... and as it turns out, a lot of kids love making video games too!  Game design is also a totally viable career path, growing in the same way Hollywood grew a hundred years ago.  There's still plenty of room for young talent to get noticed and signed up by major development studios.

Even if programming, by itself, isn't their calling, summer coding camps can start them down any number of STEM-related paths.

  1. Learning with real-world tools.

Modern coding camps aren't using "toy" software suites or ancient learning languages.  The children learn using the exact same programming tools and development engines that professionals use.  Visual C#, Python, Java, Unity... this is experience they could put on a resume.

  1. Develop collaboration skills

Software development is a team effort, and coding camp focuses on that.  Beyond learning programming languages and development pipelines, students will learn how to divide labor and collaborate - just like they will throughout their adult lives.

  1. Prevent summer learning loss

One of the worst aspects to a summer spent mindlessly watching Netflix is that students will forget so much in-between semesters.  Summer coding camp can stop that!  They'll maintain their brain, even over summer break.


RP4K Is Canada's Leading Summer Coding Camp

With 19 years in operation and a team of industry pros, Real Programming for Kids (RP4K) can help your child excel!  Contact us to learn more!

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