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Exploring the Many Benefits of Video Game Programming for Kids

Published on May 15, 2019 | Posted in  

There are many skills a child could potentially learn during their formative years - but there are very few which are as all-around useful as learning computer programming!  By attending courses teaching video game programming for kids, your child wouldn't simply be learning more about a hobby they already love - they would be engaging in a genuinely excellent learning opportunity, one which stimulates their mental growth while teaching a variety of highly-valuable life skills.

And they'll have a great time doing it!

Six Ways That Classes on Video Game Programming for Kids Are Beneficial

  1. Learning logic

Programming is a rigorous discipline, which requires the ability to break down instructions into a single orderly list of steps.  This is the basis of all linear logic, and a background in programming can pay off in many other disciplines, including mathematics.

  1. Programming games encourages creativity

At the same time, programming is also a creative activity!  Your child's imagination will be challenged but in a practical way.  The question isn't simply what they can dream up, but what they can dream and then accomplish.  

Basically, programming is an "all brain" activity.

  1. Programming encourages future-focused thinking

Do you want your child to learn how to anticipate problems, and act to avoid them pre-emptively?  Programming is an excellent way to do this!  Because of the logical step-by-step nature of programming, it offers many opportunities for children to think ahead and plan around foreseen obstacles.

  1. Children are most capable of learning programming languages

In the same way that it's easiest for children to learn a second or third language, it's also easiest for children to learn computer languages.  This really is the best time in their life to teach them programming.  It will be far more difficult if they try to pick up programming in college or afterward.

  1. Video game programming is a transferable skill

When talking about the mechanics of coding, there's very little difference between programming a game and programming any other kind of application.  These are very broad, easily-transferable skills. Any kind of programming experience allows for the creation of a wide variety of programs.

Teaching game programming to children is simply easiest since it's a subject they already love.

  1. Programming will be a highly valuable job skill

There is no doubt that programmers will be highly valued in the workplace for many years to come.  A child with a programming background will grow into an adult who will be extremely attractive to any employer who works with computers - which will be nearly all of them.

Get A Head Start at RP4K

RP4K classes teaching video game programming for kids provide skills for a lifetime.  Contact us directly to learn more.

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