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Developing - Python and Java Game Programming For Kids

Developing Goals:

RP4K Developing level courses strive to build on the fundamentals established in our Beginner level content.  At this point, students have been introduced to the world of coding through the worlds of Java Pizza Bandit or Python Serpent Temple, our Beginner level courses. Students beginning their RP4K program at this level should have some experience regarding programming before attempting this course. Refer to the assessment and recommendation from our Free Trial Assessment!

Beginner Course listing

Our Developing Computer Programming Courses feature:

  • Processing Java Polar Peril
  • Processing Python Galacticat

About the courses

Polar Peril (Processing Java)

In the Developing Polar Peril course, students get their second opportunity to create a game using the Java Programming language with the Processing tool.  These technologies allow us to focus on the fundamentals of code while still achieving great things to keep students interested.  Polar Peril will feature problem solving including implementing the mathematical equation of slope, logical statements, loops, and arrays in more depth than ever before.  Students will begin making the game from scratch, and continue past our final version of the game through customization.

Polar Peril is ideal for students who have completed Java Pizza Bandit, or can serve as a great first RP4K course with prior coding experience!

An example of gameplay of the Polar Peril RP4K Game.

In the Polar Peril game, the character walks up a sloped hill while snowballs come tumbling down, so students have to learn the mathematics behind calculating a slope of a line.  Direct and immediate application of mathematical concepts in our courses really help them be cemented to our students.  The player must evade snowballs as they rescue the penguin from the Sasquatch!

Screenshot of Polar Peril game code.

Polar Peril builds upon the logical statements in Pizza Bandit, introducing additional complexity using and/or logic to create precise slope movement based, using arrays and loops to control our objects.  Students are encouraged to continue to develop RP4K's snowy take on a video game classic with their own additions.

Galacticat (Processing Python)

Developing Python Galacticat with Processing builds upon the topics discovered and explored in Polar Peril and Pizza Bandit, and explores additional mathematical concepts like an in-depth focus on circle-circle collision detection, an introduction to object-oriented-programming from a design approach. It is at the Developing level in Python where learning the fundamentals of classes and objects from a efficiency standpoint. Instructors will take their time developing a strong understanding of the fundamentals while building the game from scratch.

This course is meant for students with previous RP4K coding experience, and is not recommended for Python Serpent Temple to immediately jump to this course.

Example of Python Galacticat Gameplay.

Galacticat involves defeating enemies of various types to progress to the next level, with the number of enemies increasing with each passing level. Enemies should also require more collisions from specific directions to disable their movements. The player can pick up a power-up to aid their efforts and buy themselves time! Students are encouraged to design additional levels and add new enemies!

Screenshot of Python Galacticat Game Code.

Students focus on complex if-else logic statements, resizing arrays and loops, and discovering object-oriented programming techniques, such as objects with properties and functions.

Notes about teaching styles and content focus

Our trusted team at RP4K works to help children advance their knowledge of programming and guide them to success with computers for the coming years. In our Developing level courses, students learn more advanced programming concepts in Visual Basic, as they program games from scratch.

Our Developing Level Courses Feature:

  • Python Game Programming using Processing
  • Brand new project, code starting from scratch
  • Advanced logic statements, including a focus on pairing loops and arrays.
  • Advanced Collision Detection and Math Training
  • Upgraded Programming Techniques

Why Choose Our Developing Level Video Game Programming Courses for Kids?

Not only do students learn about programming but crucial math concepts as well.  In order to have advanced collision detection, further training is also provided on complex math topics, including Pythagoras’s theorem and circle geometry.  It’s a part of the reason our courses offer the most comprehensive coding for kids classes.  The students’ knowledge of programming will be upgraded from their introductory or beginner courses through repetition, by building each game from the ground up students get to relearn their fundamentals with each new course, building a strong foundation.  Students will learn all about nested If statements, structures, and parameters (including passing by reference and value).  RP4K students also learn about additional looping techniques including while loops and do while loops.

To discover more about our video game programming courses for kids, please call our office team now. RP4K offers the smallest class sizes at great value, with hands-on lessons and knowledgeable instructors to assist you along the way! Courses are now recorded and available through our Canvas Portal, as well as additional material on our courses like coding challenges, lessons, and quizzes online. Sign up today to experience RP4K's online courses!

Old Visual Basic Youtube Videos:

Courses listed are no longer offered in Visual Basic, and have been converted to Java or Python.

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