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Computers Are the Future, Which Is Why Your Children Need Computer Programming Courses

Published on October 15, 2018 | Posted in  

As a parent, it can be so hard to know which activities to sign your children up for.  It's vital to prepare them for the future, both in school and their career beyond, but what activities are really going to be able to help them years into the future?

We can tell you one: computer programming courses!

In our view, too few students today are being taught true computer literacy.  Sure, kids as young as one year can learn to poke at tablets to make things happens.... But so, few students really understand how computers work, much less how to program them.  That isn't merely unfortunate in terms of their relationship to the gadgets around them, but it will be a real detriment to them in the years to come.

On the other hand, a child which has learned computer programming will be well-prepared for the future!

Prepare Your Children for The Future with Computer Programming Courses

All you have to do is turn on business news, and practically all you'll hear about are computers, AI, and robots.  It seems as though every day, some new sector of employment is seeing a rise in robots - and seeing a decline in human employment as a result.  There's even talk of major fast food chains switching over to robotic hamburger assembly lines. In short, there are very few job sectors which aren't going to see a rise in robots or AI in upcoming decades.

At the risk of being blunt, do you want your grown child to be worrying about losing their job to a robot?  Or do you want them to be programming the robots?

Plus, computer programming courses do so much more for children beyond preparing them for the future.  Programming teaches them logical step-by-step thought, as well as being a fantastic outlet for creative impulses.  When a person is working with a computer, there's almost nothing they cannot create.  However, that requires a genuine knowledge of how computers work, and how to make them do what you want them to.

Real Programming 4 Kids (RP4K)

Too many children today are being trained to only be content consumers, but computer programming courses can turn them into creators instead.  They can learn the skills needed to be part of the computerized robotic future, while also learning plenty of other useful life skills.

Contact RP4K today to learn more!


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